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Used on over 8000 projects in more than 100 countries

Edgley Design Artez Hansen & Andersen Curtins Downing Jerram Falkus Ideal Huse Leathwaite North Mid Group Rescon Builders Square and Crescent

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Amazing projects powered by GenieBelt

It saved 27 people 4 hours every week after implementation
Michael Degn, Construction Project Manager, Hplus

The Best Construction Project Management Software

GenieBelt is based on an innovative, yet simple idea - a shared, real-time, interactive project Gantt chart, accessed from your desktop or mobile phone. By sharing live project information, your teams have what they need to get things done faster at building site or at the office.

Collaborate in smarter and more effective ways to get your construction projects completed quicker.

Live Construction Project Management
I expect company wide savings of 2-4% - on one project this will save $180,000!
Tommy Nielsen - CEO, Juul & Nielsen General Contractors

A full audit trail

GenieBelt automatically creates a full activity log so you can always see who did what and when. Everyone is kept up-to-date in real-time, as it happens, and you can retrieve the audit trail for review at any time.

Reduce operational costs and prevent task scheduling conflicts.

Live Construction Audit Trail Across all Your Devices
GenieBelt's platform enables fast communication from site to office - problems and delays are just avoided
Connor Mclaughlin - Project Manager, Downing Construction

Simple to use, construction app

We know the importance of being on-site. Our construction apps keep everyone up-to-date with notifications and let you report progress and problems quickly and easily from your phone. Designed to be simple and intuitive, there's nothing difficult to learn or remember.

Download the Geniebelt app to your phone now (on iOS or Android).

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Easy-to-use Construction App

GenieBelt is for everyone in construction

Project Managers

Project, site and construction managers can manage and see the live status of their projects, as an executive overview or down to the smallest task detail - all in one place, from anywhere, at anytime.

Workers / Subcontractors

Whatever the specialism, subcontractors can spend less time on paperwork and do the jobs they're paid for. They can easily report on progress or delays and get quick responses to questions.

Decision Makers

Architects, engineers, stakeholders and other decision makers may be invited into projects so that everyone can work together, helping to avoid misunderstandings and reducing costs.