We are GenieBelt

We are on a mission

GenieBelt was born out of frustration whilst trying to solve the same problems on construction sites time and time again. After working with a crazy amount of construction companies we’re ready to change the dinosaur ways of the industry.

We want to feel proud of the industry we love whilst constantly shaking things up at the same time. We want to bring modern technologies to construction in a no-nonsense, affordable, simple and easy-to-use way.

We want to build the future of construction.

Executive team

Klaus Nyengaard

Klaus Nyengaard

CEO, Co-Founder & Partner

Klaus has a proven record of scaling companies. Having driven JustEat from 40 employees to close to a 1000, he is now up for the challenge at GenieBelt.


Bob Leung

CPO & Partner

Bob’s an architect, but as well as buildings he’s passionate about designing software that construction people will actually use. He will deliver you the best products and user experience.

Gari Nickson

CMO, Co-Founder

Gari Nickson trained as a chartered surveyor, is passionate about construction and expert in the application of artificial intelligence in construction. He’s an entrepreneur who loves all things tech and construction.


Ulrik Branner

Partner & Chairman

Ulrik is the chief communicator of GenieBelt’s vision to transform the industry. As a thought leader and inspirational writer and speaker, Ulrik works to spread the word about the massive value of ConTech all over the world.

Nikolaj Berntsen

CTO, Co-Founder

Nikolaj’s developed, built, deployed and maintained in diverse areas within IT. He’s managed server architectures, projects and teams. He’s our technical authority with a PhD in physics.

We are passionate about construction

The construction industry is riddled with problems from mistrust to miscommunication and we are here to fix it.

We are multicultural

Our team is comprised of 50+ ambitious, talented and multidisciplinary individuals from over 20 countries combined.

We are multinational

GenieBelt was born in 2013 in Copenhagen and since then expanded to include offices with full-time employees in London, Lodz and Indianapolis.

We are multidisciplinary

We have a very diverse background ranging from construction, architecture, design to programming and finance.

We strive for the best

We learn from mistakes and celebrate our successes. We are on a constant road to improvement wherever that takes us.

Want to become a Genie?

We are always on the lookout for talented and ambitious individuals who want to make a change in the world. You can check our available positions on our jobs page, or you can submit an unsolicited application at info@geniebelt.com.