Okay, you want to get into Site Management? So you need your SMSTS Certificate! Well, you do if you want to work in the U.K.! It probably isn’t a bad idea to get it:- looks good on your CV! So here are a few tips about getting it:-

  1. As I’ve previously blogged about, it’s an expensive piece of paper to get, so make sure you pass the Course first time! Fail and, depending on who is paying for it, an employer or yourself, you’ll be in disfavour with either your bosses or your Boss – (the Wife!)
  2. It is a 5-day Course with 12 subjects covered. Means you have to be prepared to learn about 2 or 3 of them every day.
  3. Again, depending on where you’re coming from, some may be completely new to you! Stand by to get brain-deaded!
  4. The night before each of your 5 days make sure you get to bed early and sober! No hang-overs allowed or you’ll blow it!
  5. Make sure you turn up with paper to make notes on and something to write with! They may be provided but we are always happier with our own! Also have a reserve pen, pencil or whatever!
  6. While whoever is delivering your Course is talking, pay close attention! Hang on to every word!
  7. Be prepared to ask questions about anything you didn’t understand first time around!
  8. You’ll probably be split into groups to discuss what you have been taught. Make sure you take an active part in them! Don’t hang back, all shy!

Right, now we are getting onto the complicated bit about how our brains work and file information away in our heads so you can actually pass the multiple-choice Test at the end of the week!!

study about smsts
  1. Get home and read all your notes and any handouts from the day. Read them all again! That starts to stamp it all in! If you have been given sample questions, try answering them. Re-read, re-answer questions until you’ve got them all right!
  2. The evening before the final Test re-read absolutely everything! Then re-read absolutely everything a second time!

So, okay, do as I’ve told you and you’ll walk away with your SMSTS Certificate! That means you’ll soon be swanning around on construction sites wearing a suit and tie and looking very important!