25 Epic Construction Fails

25 Epic Construction Fails
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Working on a construction site requires high levels of concentration and careful handling of the equipment. But that’s not always the case! There are countless examples of smaller or… bigger mistakes. Those failures lead many times to hilarious moments. Thankfully, many of them have been caught on camera and have eventually travelled around the internet.

We did our research and we present to you some of the biggest construction fails. So sit tight and enjoy our collection:

1. The escalator to heaven!


2. Withdraw money from the ATM or die tryin’!


3. A surely unique view…


4. We couldn’t agree more with the picture


5. Nothing to see here…

fail construction - curtain

No, seriously!


6. An opportunity to get social!


7. The secret passage to Hogwarts


8. The art of multitasking


9. Put some risk in your life!


10. Sewers gone wild!


11. Come closer to your neighbor


12. Obstacle Parking

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13. No room for romance here!


14. You’re going down!


15. Safety above all


16. Taking education to a whole new level


17. Inspiring view


18. No comment…


  19. Some might say that those aren’t the most accessible stairs


20. Privacy can be an issue here…


21. NBA approves!


22. Biking can be dangerous


23. Awkward…


24. Interesting thought over there…


25. STPO

But wait, there’s more!

In case that those 25 bright construction ideas weren’t inspiring enough for you, then you have to check out the following videos with some more incidents from the site:

Every construction project can have some really bad moments. When things go terrible, though, it’s good to have a camera with you. In that way, you can both have a good laugh and find a funny way to promote your construction business in social media.

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