Biggest Construction Companies in Europe

The Biggest Construction Companies In Europe

Europe – home to the largest

It’s no surprise that the construction industry is big, but did you know that some of the biggest construction companies are based in Europe? In fact, the biggest construction company in the world is the Spanish company, ACS.

Therefore, one can’t deny that European companies plays a big part in construction projects around the world. But which companies are the biggest? At GenieBelt, we decided to find out and have made a list of the biggest construction companies in Europe, divided into 30 countries.

View this Google Map to see where the different companies are located and how you can reach them.

The list is quite big, therefore we have created a better overview with the map. You are also able to download this list, where you get the whole list of biggest construction companies in Europe, divided into countries.

Get a free list of top Construction Companies in Europe!

You can also just watch our video. Then you’ll get a quick overview of the biggest construction companies in Europe.

Below you can see the whole list of biggest construction companies and countries

1. Austria

2. Baltic Region




3. Belgium

4. Bulgaria

5. Croatia

6. Czech Republic

7. Denmark

8. Finland

9. France

10. Germany

11. Greece

12. Hungary

13. Iceland

14. Ireland

15. Italy

16. Luxembourg

17. Netherlands

18. Norway

19. Poland

20. Portugal

21. Romania

22. Russia

23. Scotland

24. Serbia

25. Spain

26. Sweden

27. Switzerland

28. Turkey

29. UK

30. Ukraine

Hope you enjoyed our list of biggest construction companies! Check out also what is best construction software in 2017.

Download this list in handy .CSV file via form below.

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Check out the graphic

You can also check out the graphic we made to better visualize the biggest construction companies in Europe, which is mentioned in this blog post. The biggest company from each country is showned in the map below.

Map of the biggest construction companies in Europe

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