What are podcasts? If you are reading this article, you probably know the answer to that question. But for those of you who don’t, here is a quick reminder: Podcasts are radio shows you can subscribe to, download to your phone or computer, and listen to anywhere you like. With a few exception, they are completely free of charge.

Why do people listen to podcasts?

First and foremost, they are convenient. It’s not a book or a newspaper that you need to carry around, flip pages, mark where you finished and concentrate on text. You can listen to them anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE. While you’re going for a walk, driving to work, working, grocery shopping or at the gym.

They are also highly versatile. There isn’t a topic that doesn’t have its own podcast and that includes the construction industry.

Let’s be honest, listening to podcasts on construction sites can prove difficult. All those noises can stand in a way of this great source of industry information and interesting stories. Nevertheless, there are always ways to squeeze in some short broadcasting sessions, whether you are a worker on your break or a supervisor watching over your team from a slightly quieter spot.

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So without further a due, here are in our opinion, the 40 best construction industry podcasts we have handpicked for you:


he ConTechTrio Podcast1. The ConTechTrio Podcast

Winner of Construction Junkie’s Best Construction Podcast of 2016. Concentrating on the technology aspect of construction, this podcast covers topics such as latest apps or devices and how they can be applied during construction projects. If you are a tech junkie, this podcast is definitely for you.



2.The Pro Construction Guide Podcast for Pros 

Weekly podcast with tips on how to save time and money on the job site, interviews with industry figures on trends, latest tools /products and advice on running your business.





The Construction Leading Edge Podcast3.The Construction Leading Edge Podcast 

Hosted by construction professional, this podcast provides insights to topics like leadership, business and entrepreneurship. Viewers can listen to interviews, offer regularly, with successful construction entrepreneurs and experts in the construction industry.




4.Construction Industry Podcast with Cesar Abeid

Last year winner of  the Construction Junkie Best Podcast. It host interviews with top industry professionals talking about subjects such as lean construction, BIM or PR. All relevant to businesses and specialists in the construction sector.





ACE On The House - Adam Carolla show5. ACE On The House – Adam Carolla show

Another great podcast featuring the Podcast King and ex construction worker – Adam Carolla. This time, the show is about home improvement. Together with his mate Ray Oldhaffer they take calls from fans. The show has a monthly featured segment on The Adam Carolla Show, which is a nice, comedy break from all the building related talks.



The Contracting Coachcast6.The Contracting Coachcast

Podcast that provides you with necessary knowledge and tips to start growing your successful contracting business. Business related lessons covering topics such as project management, sales and marketing.





The Dirt Work Diaries7.The Dirt Work Diaries

An inside look at the construction industry from an estimator perspective. Jump into the West Coast building site and listen to dialogues about project management and more.





Future tradesman podcast8.Future Tradesman

One of the differentiating feature of this show are regular product reviews. Additionally to industry experts interviews, the creators try, among others, latest technology developments.



Construction Citizen Podcasts9.Construction Citizen

A short ( around 10 min), weekly podcast talking  about industry’s latest news and information. Created by contractors, craftspeople and owners with social responsibility and sustainability in mind.



Modular Podcasts10.Modular Podcasts

This podcast concentrate on a specific, rather niche topic which is modular building. It features both, audio as well as video, and on top of that you have an option to download individual episodes without subscription.





The art of productive laziness11.The lazy project manager

A very entertaining, yet educational podcast based on Peter Taylor two best-selling books: “The lazy winner” and “The lazy project manager”. The main focus of the podcast is how to balance the work and the personal life adopting the “working smarter not harder” principle.



The art of construction

12.The art of constructions

A great collection of podcasts created by Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe, president and manager of Mountain View Window &Door. They talk about how to build your industry using the right marketing, communication and sales tools.




The lien zone13.The Lien Zone

A team of construction lawyers provides knowledge about different legal issues in the construction industry such as construction and engineering contracts, mechanics’ liens, insurance.





The constructrr podcast14.Constructrr

Construction manager and consultant, Campbell-Turner brings new insights about how to revolutionise mainly the construction industry but not only.





99 percent invisible podcast15. 99% Invisible

A very creative podcast hosted by Roman Mars with 5-10 minutes’ episodes that cover some interesting topics about design and construction in everyday life. “99% Invisible” is all about thought that goes into the things we don’t think about such as unnoticed architecture or special designs that we are not aware of.




Build your house yourself16. Build your house yourself University

A thoroughly podcast about how to build your own house with or without a constructor. Not a typical DIY podcast, focusing more on the labour management. Do you want to understand better the residential construction, make better decisions and save money? If yes, this is the perfect podcast for you.




DIY Home Builder17. DIY Home builder

Do you want to build your dream house the way you like and also be affordable?

Building it yourself can save 25% or more off the cost to buy an equivalent home or have someone else build it for you. If that’s you, listen to this interviews with owner builders, industry professionals or other people that have experience in house building.



18. Build your dream house

Talking about dream house, stop dreaming and start building. Similar with the one above, this podcast is for beginners and experts with in-depth interviews with recognised residential design/ construction experts. Besides, you will get tips on how you can start and where to find the best tools for that.





 Construction Zone Radio19. Construction Zone Radio

If you have any questions in regards of remodelling, home repair/ improvement etc., this podcast is the right one for you. The podcast is based on answering emails and call-in questions within construction industry.




Design and Construction Marketing Podcast By Matt Handal20.Design and marketing podcast

The podcast provides valuable knowledge about business growth for people working in architecture, engineering and construction industry.






21.Heavy construction equipment Podcast

If you are working in construction industry, you know that the heavy equipment is usually rented. The podcast covers different topics based on heavy equipment such as renting, equipment safety , finding the right renting companies etc.





22. Home Style Green

This podcast inspires people to invest in stylish and sustainable houses. Matthew Cutler-Welsh is hosting designers, architects and product experts to discuss why and how to have a green house.




23. The new construction leader

Erik Harrison brings new perspectives about construction, building yourself up either in your career or personal life, renewing your mindset, adopting healthy habits etc. following the best personal development strategies from experts.





E-building construction management podcast24. E-building construction management podcast

Podcast hosts construction industry experts, providing insights into topics related to capital project planning, design, and construction.






The big 5

25. The big 5: construction expert interviews

Very interesting interviews with construction experts covering all kind of topics such as HSE and engineering, buildings and weatherproof envelope etc.






Still under construction26. Still under constructions

Jason Hulcy covers different topics with charismatic attitude. From guns to wrecking balls, from beers to bulldozers.. This is podcast is still under constructions.






 The construction marketing pro27. The construction marketing pro

Do you want to bring your business to a higher level? Check this podcast for interesting marketing strategies within construction industry.






 Construction Marketing Podcast28. Construction marketing podcast UK

UK marketing experts offer marketing information within construction industry but of course some tips can be applied for other industries as well.






House Planning Help29. House planning help

The podcast introduces the self-build house subject, setting the foundation for beginners. Many useful information, facts and easy-to-follow structure.






The Hadyman Startup30. The handyman startup podcast

Are you interested in handyman business? This podcast teaches how to start a handyman business from scratch or improve your skills within construction industry.






31. The roofer show

Each week Dave Sullivan interviews the industry’s top experts to pull out their best business tips and strategies that you can use to take your business to the next level.






Design Build Constractors Podcast32. Design build contractors podcast

Are you overwhelmed with a traditional management?  This podcast gives a lot of useful information how to gain new management and business skills for a better income and work structure.





The Roof Insight Show33. Roof insight show

This podcast show brings new insights about roofing business. If it is something that you are interested in, check this out.






Everything building envelope34. Everything building envelope

These series discuss current trends and issues that contractors, developers and building owners have to deal with related to pre and post construction. The series touches on various topics related to water infiltration, litigation and construction methods related to the building envelope.





The Successful Home Inspector Podcast35. The successful home inspector podcast

Do you want to learn more about home inspection? If yes, this podcast is the right one for you. The show host interviews home inspectors experts, helping other people to become experts in this field.






The Design Build Podcast  36. The design build podcast

Each and every week the podcast brings knowledgeable guest from within the design and construction sector to share their thoughts that can bring the most value to fans.






On Display Podcast37. On display podcast

Looking for great and educational stories? This podcast present inspirational stories of people that accomplished great design, construction and exhibits operations projects.






Building Materials Sales&Marketing 38. Building materials sales & marketing

Are you interested in how to increase the sales within building materials business? Anyway, the podcast brings interesting marketing and sales strategies that can be used in other business as well.





Science and technology» - Radio Prague39. Science and technology

Are you passionate about new technologies and interesting science? Then this is just for you. The podcast series brings new insights about the future of construction industry.





Inside Property Investing40.The Inside Property Investing Podcast

The podcast shares stories of the most inspiring and successful property investors and entrepreneurs. Good advice for those who are looking to start investing or take the property business to the next level.





Predicting Our Future - Construction PodcastBonus (40+1). Predicting Our Future

Hosted by Andrew Weinreich, this podcast offers valuable tips and information about smart homebuilding. Learn how you can save up to 50% of your budget, when building a new house, what’s the right steps to take when putting together a new house from scratch to completion and how we could address the issue of overpopulation. Insights on 3D Printing and on the advent of modular building in New York City are available, as well.


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Additional podcast platforms

We hope you liked our selection. Each of these podcasts is unique and offers different perspective on different topics within construction industry.  Everybody can find something for themselves .

However, if you want to discover more amazing podcasts, check this four podcasts platforms where you can find hundreds of new topics and you can enjoy listening for free:

Stitcher icon


Stitcher.com  provides internet radio services but also is one of the biggest podcast platform with more than 6.5000 free podcasts for you to listen.



Podcasts.com  indexes podcasts from around the web to make searching for favorite podcasts and discovering new ones easy. New podcasts are added daily and subscribing is easy. Besides that, if you are interested in creating your own podcasts, the website offers free services and hosting.




DigitalPodcast.com  is another great platform similar with the one above that provides free podcasts that you can listen.






Audioser.ch takes podcast discovery and recommendation to the next level. Their API is the most comprehensive source of podcast metadata in the English language.

They select the best podcasts based on reviews and number of channel subscribers. And again it’s for free.