The Master list of Marketing and Sales Tools

Master list of marketing and sales tools
Trends and insights

The following is a massive compiled list of marketing and sales tools I’ve used over the past 4+ years to bootstrap dozens of businesses. Some of the tools below will be relevant to you, others may not fit your business.


The reason this list is valuable to you, is that you can use these tools to automate processes, save time, and make your business run more smoothly.

I’ve spent the last 4+ years finding these tools so you don’t have to. If you end up discovering just one resource from this list, then I feel like I’ve helped someone. You can get a quick overview of the tools in this list! Download now!

All I ask is that you share this list with friends, colleagues, and other connections to help those that could get a little extra bump in their business. Please comment on what you think, and if you found this helpful! Please share it!

Content Creation

Every business should create its own content. If you’re struggling to create your own pictures, documents, write up, guides, lists, ebooks, templates, etc. Then take a look at this list and find simple ways around doing all the work the long and hard way:


Website Analysis and Auditing

Want to see what competitors are up to? Or how well you’re doing with your website? In order to find out far you’ve come, you need to see where you’ve started. These tools show you how much traffic, social traffic, paid ads is coming to your site, where it’s coming from, and expose holes in your marketing efforts. You can also use these tools to find out what is working for the competitors.


E-mail Campaigns/ Email Tools      

If you’re not collecting emails and interacting with your customers, you are missing out on a major part of your business. Email marketing lets you interact with potential, new, current, and old customers. This is one of the most important parts of marketing and how you continue to get new customers.

Wise StampCreate cool looking email signatures
MailerMailerSimple email software for basic email marketing
MailChimpEmail software that has lots of possibilities
Constant ContactSimple email software for any business


5,000 - 10,000 contacts
AweberEmail software with lots of integrations, templates, and simple flow setups


10,000 - 25,000 contacts
Campaign MonitorAffordable email marketing software with all the bells and whistles

$299 - $699/month
iContactEmail Marketing for everyone
RoblyBusiness email marketing software
Send LoopBusiness email software

$145 – $235/month

25,000 – 50,000 Contacts
Email on AcidAffordable email software for sending mass emails

Cake MailEmail software that is affordable


10,000 - 25,000 contacts
50,000 contacts - unlimited
InInBoxMobile friendly and intuitive email marketing software


50,000 contacts - unlimited
BrontoCloud-based marketing platform


Send 60,000 email/year
InterspireE-mail marketing/retargeting and more

Unlimited emails for $495
EmailitInexpensive mass e-mail service

100,000 emails for $86
SalesforceE-mail service with lead nurturing/advanced data

$2000 - $3000/month
Coffee CupResponsive email creator

$99 - $199
Attach.ioTrack what happens after you send your email
HiverManage shared mailboxes for support and better customer service
SalesHandyEmail and document tracking as well as auto follow up emails
FindThatEmailFind the email of the decision makers in companies
Atomic List ManageE-mail verifying
MixmaxEmail tracking
XverifyE-mail verifying for business
YesWareEmail tracking and action notification
StreakEmail CRM for mail merges
Email HunterFind email addresses for people within a company
Voila NorbertFinds emails based on url
BananatagFind out what happens with your emails once they have been send
Find that LeadLead generation tool for B2B companies
AeroleadsGet > 95% accurate Leads and prospects for your sales
SnovioEmail finder tool


Social Media            

Social media gives you a different channel to share anything you want with your current and potential customers. In many different types of businesses, the nature of social media is more so a “check the box,” type of thing. You need to have it and it should be kept current. The following tools let you monitor, create, and more easily get shares on social media.


Inbound Marketing Tools

Inbound marketing is the idea that you provide valuable content over time (much like this master list), for your potential customers to interact with and eventually become a part of your mailing lists or eventually sign up for your services or look deeper in your product.


User Testing       

If your website is a source of leads (which it should be), you should find out how users are interacting with you. These services let you ask customers to walk through different processes on your website and give brutally honest feedback.


Customer Feedback  

Get instant feedback or proof that a certain feature or part of your website is working. This can be asking customers what they want to see, referral programs, surveys, contact forms, and much more.



You need to constantly measure your site’s performance to find out how to make the user experience better, reduce the bounce rate, observe user journeys, and get a better perspective on how your users on interacting. This isn’t always for people just starting out but it’s worth a look.



Find out which keywords you rank for. Diversify and start to build content off the keywords and phrases you’re interested in ranking for. This is the difference between your business eventually coming up on the first page of google and 10th page.


A/B testing and Landing pages     

As you get more advanced in building your business and your website, you will need to optimize your website to discover the easiest ways to turn people into paid users or leads. These services let you change the content on your site, interact more efferently with customers, and drive more leads by testing outcomes.


Marketing Companies             

Marketing companies are a dime a dozen. Some of them are great and some of them are frauds. The companies listed below are more-so examples of what marketing companies look like. They should offer a range of services and never promise to “put you on the first page of google.” If you’re seriously considering turning over your marketing efforts to a company, do some research, talk to the companies in their portfolio, and get multiple quotes.

RJMetricsSocial Media, SEO, Analytics, etc.

Bruce ClaySEO, Ads, PPC



This section is more geared towards products and services that specifically target mobile users in terms of ads and analytics. If you’re just getting started and don’t have a mobile product or service, feel free to move past this section.


CPC/CPM/Retarget CPC – Ads     

A major part of every success company is paying for leads. There are thousands of tools that help companies get new customers. The following are different tools and services that help you pay per click and impression within a slew of different ad networks.


Project Management    

When you’re working on any type of project for your business, you should be using some type of software that keeps tracks of your progress. This keeps you more organized and helps keep others accountable for their responsibilities. Project management isn’t something that comes easy to everyone, but when you pick a tool below make sure you take the time to train others on how to use it.


Scraper / Crawlers          

Rip data from websites when you need it. This can be contact details, potential customers, or anything that you want to collect. These tools can save tons of hours when you’re trying to grab data to display elsewhere.


Internet Automation Tools     

These tools allow you to shift some of your efforts away from manual processes when it comes to sending messages and reactions out one by one. This is key for social media in terms of getting a first touch out and also interacting with new leads as soon as they interact with you. Poke around a bit and see what you find.


Offline Tools

Sometimes the old methods are the best, maybe you want to add a special touch to a new client or you’re interested in getting a service that takes your calls when you’re busy. These are a great way to make your company and team seem bigger than it is.



When you start using dozens of tools, it becomes nearly impossible to keep up with all the logins and passwords. This saves everything in one place where you can access and grant access to others on your time. There’s nothing worse having to reset passwords every time you want to use a tool.



Depending on the size of your staff, you want to consider using an inter-office communication tool outside of SMS texting and email. This a quicker way of getting messages and responses overall. Keep in mind conference call tools are great way to do a remote sales presentation.


Data tools

Figure out a meaningful way of displaying your data. These tools are going be more and more helpful as tools to get better sense of how your business is going on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis. You can also use these tools in presentations and cool pieces of content for people that interact with your brand.

View Anonymously / Browse Incognito

Sometimes you want to test stuff on your own site, view competitors, or see how a different IP or location will display the content or languages on your own site. Other times it’s just for playing it safe across a slew of possible circumstances.

Hide My AssVPN
DuckDuckGoBrowse and search Anonymously
CyberGhostUse for free – surf in private


Building Websites         

Plain and simple, you need a website. If your business (no matter how small), doesn’t have a website- you are leaving money on the table. Consider using one of dozens of free CMS websites to get something out there. When you get more advanced, you should begin to create landing pages based on sales or different campaigns. Landing pages can be tricky but there are also tons of guides on doing them correctly.


Presentation / Demo Tools     

If you are running your own business or just focusing on sales, there’s a good chance that you’ll need some type of presentation software. Consider using something the “pops” a little more than just powerpoint. These tools may have a slight learning curve but they give you an easier way of sharing your presentations and also getting a more polished look for your future clients.



Some of the most shared content online these days is infographics. These are displays of anything about your business or industry that gives additional insights through visual representation. These are cool tools that help you create something visually stunning and professional without having to be a graphic designer.


Feelance Work Websites         

Sometimes we’re not graced with all the artistic or technical abilities that we’d like to have. There are websites that allow you to get a lot of specialized work for a very reasonable price. Consider using the following to find content creators, designers, developers, and much more. Outsource the work that you can’t do yourself, no need to re-invent the wheel.


Growth Hacking      

This terms sometimes makes marketers skin crawl because it can be vague. These are unique examples of how others have taken an interesting route to boost their businesses. Get inspired and learn some clever work-arounds to save you time on marketing. These sites are all free and tend to be invaluable when it comes time to grow your business.


Event Tools

At some point you should consider having your own events for marketing or just flat out celebrating these are a few tools that help you to organize and send out invites.


Employee and Invoicing

Track hours for employees or people contracting for you and send invoices.


Sales Tools / More Tools / Guides

These are a slew of guides, sales tool lists, and how-to’s that can teach you how to get the most out of your marketing. Each guide is unique but all of them are absolutely worth a shot.



All experts in SEO these days are self-taught. The insights to how search engines work and what is valuable in terms of getting listed higher online is part art and part science. Take some of the guess work out of creating your business by learning from the experts. Everyone needs a little help understanding the complexity of how to get your website noticed by more people. These are blogs that you should take glance at from time to time.


Online Classes

If you don’t know something and it seems complicated, I’ve always encouraged people to “ask Dr. Google” or consider youtube. Sometimes you’ll need a more comprehensive approach to learning. The following are just a few places where you can learn online.


Thanks for taking a look! Feel free to comment and share!

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