How the times they are a changing! Not very long ago about the only thing we could call “Professional Construction Management Software” was Planning Programmes, ones like MS Project, Primavera and PowerProject! So, alright, they were good for other things like listing everything to be done before going off on holiday or getting ready for Christmas! Today, though, we have software specifically written to make our lives easy in Construction. Let’s have a look at the Benefits!


  1. The right Professional Construction Project Management Software eliminates paperwork relating to every Project!
  2. It saves something like 1½% of the total Project cost by not having to handle and store all that paperwork! That is more important than it sounds when you consider that Construction Companies are Tendering and hoping to make a mere 1% profit on the Project!
  3. Having to photocopy letters, Memos, RFI’s and everything else to be able to disseminate the information to those who need to know is very time consuming. Professional Construction Software saves all that time and hassle.
  4. Using the postal system means that usually something like three days have passed before the Site Management get to know of changes to designs, etc. That means three days of work may have to be re-worked! Professional Construction Management Software means that everyone knows within seconds of “Send” being clicked! That saves build time and so increases profit!
  5. With the right Construction Management Software everyone involved in the Project, from the Client’s Main Board Directors to the Ganger Men instantly know what is going on and who should be doing what. A great incentive for everyone to perform at their very quickest and best!
  6. The other thing that Professional Construction Management Software will encourage is the production of Detailed Programmes to Completion, made available to everyone.. These are another great tool for project acceleration and cost reduction!
  7. Construction companies currently have to install IT Servers which occupy space and cost a lot of £££’s! Professional Construction Management Software uses Cloud Computing! Another money saver, doing away with the need for companies to have their Servers!
  8. Using Cloud Computing for the Professional Construction Management Software means that companies also have no need to employ IT professionals oftheir own. We all know these “techies” never seemto meet our needs properly with their ownsoftware! – and they don’t come cheap!
  9. This is the second decade in the 21st. Century. Not to use Professional Construction Management Software would make a company look like “Jobbing Builders” and discourage potential clients with big commercial construction with projects up their sleeves from coming to them in the first place! Use it to get more Clients!
  10. This comes down to Human Resourcespsychology! Just think how much happier and more attentive to detail your Site Management will be if you use Professional Construction Management Software and they don’t have to spend a couple of extra hours on site at night doing an Office Junior’s job of filing bits of paper!

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