Among the projects I’ve had there have been the odd one which was a new for Head Office for biggish construction contractors for construction management. A heavy part of their expenditure was on a Server Room, with all its air-con, fire detection, fireproofing, etc… Then they had to get Server cabinets in there with underfloor cables running to it from everywhere and all the techie stuff that went in them! So that is the first, obvious benefit of Cloud Deployment for contractors! Saves capital investment on Servers and Server Rooms to put them in!


Now, any sensible outfit that has a Server feels the need for power backup in case the mains electrics go down. Benefit No. 2: Cloud Deployment saves not only this additional capital expenditure, but also saves land usage which can be better utilised as parking spaces!

The next benefit of Cloud Deployment for contractors follows from the logic of the first couple of them! No Server Room means more office space for desks! Take your pick there; more staff in the place or smaller premises needed.

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Now there are a lot of youngsters out there who are very “techie”. They think it is great fun, their hobby in fact, to hack other peoples’ computers! I’ve utilised their services myself. Not to do any hacking; just to sort my computers out for me! Anyway, if a construction company has a Server they had better have very clever “techies” of their own to sort out whatever goes wrong and to keep their Server “hacker proof”! Save money and don’t pay out for those “techies” by using Cloud Deployment. That saves even more office space, too!

These days we all have our computers at home. What we rapidly discover is that IT technology is moving so fast that our computers are rapidly “Neoliths” and we either grin and bear being out-dated or spend money to replace our PC. Just imagine how much it costs to replace Servers with up-to-date hard- and software – and go for Cloud Deployment! They cheerfully keep their gear up to date!

Now if you have a Server in Head Office that is great for everyone working there! Their own data goes straight on it and anything they need to know is at immediately to hand. But what about the guys on site? How do they get their info onto the Server for you to see and how do they access any information they want that is held on the Server? If that obviously-needed Link is made available it means even more expenditure on technology and, probably, an even bigger Server Room!

The next big question is to ask yourselves is exactly what information is on, and how is it handled, by your Server? My guess is that it simply is not all things to all men! Go Cloud Deployed and it will be perfect for your needs!

So there you go! My final advice is pretty standard stuff from me. There is one, and to my well-researched knowledge, only one, Cloud Deployment supplier which is, actually all things to all men! That is GenieBelt!

So don’t just go for Cloud Deployment; do it properly and to your company’s best advantage:-  Go GenieBelt!

p.s. – I can’t count! That’s 7 Top Benefits, not 5!