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Høyrup and Clemmensen

Software tool GenieBelt helps ensure control of energy optimization on 14,500 light fixtures installed in over 2,500 rooms and 230,000 m2

Høyrup & Clemmensen uses intelligent project management at Hvidovre Hospital

Tom Lindquist - Adm. direktør - Høyrup & Clemmensen

Electrical installation company Høyrup & Clemmensen is very busy introducing new technology on the construction sites of the future. The planning phase has already been made considerably easier with the help of new digital tools. The company already shares all sorts of information on Byggeweb, and is now trying out GenieBelt, which helps with data gathering and schedule management.

"We expect that the implementation of GenieBelt will improve efficiency in a measurable way. The program is easy and intuitive to use for electricians, and it gives us a clear platform where we can efficiently update the progress of the contract. At the same time GenieBelt is a tool that improves the relationship with our customers” says Administrative Director Tom Lindquist.

He believes digital tools like GenieBelt are necessary to control very large contracts, such as their energy optimization project at Hvidovre Hospital. Høyrup & Clemmensen finds value-added solutions for customers. "We need to differentiate us and we will position us at market for technology solutions “ says Tom Lindquist.

“We acknowledge that we cannot mount in a better way than the competitors’, but we can differentiate ourselves with intelligent installations that create value for our customers”

Ambitious energy renovation of Hvidovre Hospital

Hvidovre Hospital is being optimized for energy efficiency until 2018 for a total of 163 million kroner. The biggest contract of the project is handled by Høyrup & Clemmesen, where the contract envisages 14,500 fixtures distributed over 2,500 rooms and 230,000 m2 to be replaced with energy-optimized solutions.

"The challenge for us lies not in taking a fixture down and putting a new one up, but in the size and complexity of the project. Is has been a major logistical challenge to make ends meet. “ said project manager for Høyrup & Clemmesens Thomas Birch.

From Excel to GenieBelt

In the planning phase the contract was divided into 11 stages via location-based planning. This is expected to minimize downtime in the project, as lighting fixtures and materials are delivered where they are needed.

“After the project planning and preliminary work we realized that we were missing a powerful and intuitive management tool to convey project management all the way to electricians. 


Excel has been a good tool to create the initial overview, but falls short now that we’re starting to work. “ says project manager Thomas Birch, and continues: “We looked at a number of different solutions, but ended up choosing GenieBelt, as it is a incredibly easy and simple tool to use, even during the learning phase.

Transferring our data and information from Excel was smooth and the end result for us has been clarity over the process and over the work that has to be done in each room.”

Høyrup and Clemmensen in numbers


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“We have the full picture and can therefore provide the customer very precise information about how the contract progresses and what are the possible challenges.”

1: 1 Clarity over performed work


Every single room constitutes its own task in GenieBelt, with all the relevant information, like the number and type of lightning units, etc. Each team of electricians from Høyrup & Clemmesen is assigned a task and by means of a mobile app they have easy access to all information and an overview of the schedule. GenieBelt gives us so many things that we cannot obtain by any other means.

The full audit trail of what is being done, reports from all the rooms, overview of potential problems and an interactive, flexible way of working. "The tool involves our electricians into the process in a way that facilitates providing solutions to the problems that arise” concludes Thomas Birch.

Høyrup & Clemmensen profile

Høyrup & Clemmensen A/S has been the electrical contractor for Copenhageners since 1910.

Today, the company offers all kinds of electrical installations, safety fuses and building automation for industrial customers and public institutions. Especially the field for building automation, safety fuses and intelligent buildings, is a main focus area for Høyrup & Clemmensen, which sees major opportunities on that market.

Høyrup & Clemmensen employes 100 people and has its headquarters in Sydhavn in Copenhagen. The company has carried out many major contracts for their customers in metropolitan area of Copenhagen, and is among other things in charge of making the electrical contracts for the comprehensive energy optimization at Hvidovre Hospital.

Moreover, Høyrup & Cllemsen has a permanent service contract arrangement about maintenance with many big clients such as The Copenhagen Airport, hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark, and the Serum Institute.

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