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During the last year, the construction firm IDEALHUSE, has strategically implemented the software tool GenieBelt, in order to secure dynamic project management and to improve the transparency of their portfolio.

Architect-designed houses under iron fist control

Jimmi Grouleff - Owner & director

On a hilltop in Ry, approximately 25 kilometers west of Århus, is a residential neighbourhood with 7 130-160 m2 architect-designed houses.

IDEALHUSE A/S with CEO and owner, Jimmy Grouleff, is responsible for the project. “Ved Højene, is a charming area with green surroundings where we have designed and made sketches of buildings together with the architecture firm, NODO Arkitekter, which provide the perfect settings for families with children,” says Jimmy Grouleff.

The houses are built along the way, as parcel of land are being sold, and all the agreements with customers, architects, suppliers, authorities and subcontractors has been made digital and organized in order to be in full control and manage the project in the best way.

Communication about progress is simplifiedIn around 10 weeks after the sale agreement has been signed, the 5-6 month long building process begins, where a big challenge is to inform everybody involved about the progress, as well as coordinating the work. “Seen from a project perspective, it is a challenge that we build terrace houses, which is connected to the carport. Though, terrace houses is not build from end to end, but as they are being sold,” says building manager, Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff.

When you build many houses at once, it can be difficult to get out to all the construction sites on a daily basis. That is where a digital tool like GenieBelt can help bind the communication together between the construction sites and the office. “A typical working procedure for us, would usually be to drive out to the construction site, identify a problem, take a picture on our phone, drive back home and transfer the picture to a computer, and then send the picture with a task description to the concerned worker,” Jimmy Grouleff adds.

Today, the process has become much easier and the whole management of the schedule of the project progress, is dynamic and shows in real time the current phase, identified challenges,

Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff - Construction Manager

and pictures of completed work.”

Today we create an activity through GenieBelt, directly from our phone, add pictures and task descriptions, and assign the relevant worker. Everything is made within a few minutes,” says Kenn Møldrup. “The whole process is made simple and clear, and gives everybody involved the full overview.

“GenieBelt is unique as a digital project management tool, which also offer a time and planning programme. And then it is Danish.”
- Jimmi Grouleff

From bird’s eye view to worm’s eye view

At the moment, IDEALHUSE is building 7 houses at Ved Højene, Ry, and 14 other houses in Baastrup Lund, Galten-Skovby. In 2017, IDEALHUSE expects to build 30+ houses. The ambition and the tendency pointing forward, goes hand in hand and point towards growth. The digital tool, GenieBelt, has been chosen to secure the project management on all projects, as well as the overview of the portfolio, across the projects internally in the company.“

Very simply, we save a lot of resources. GenieBelt is an amazing tool to handle a construction project with, and the platform gives an enhancing effect the greater the number of projects you handle. It provides you with some tools and opportunities, which enables you to look across projects - from bird’s eye view to worm’s eye view,” says Jimmi Grouleff.

“With few clicks, I can get information on where we have problems, and which contractors are experiencing delays. 

idealhuse under construction

A knowledge, which used to be difficult to get, and is indispensable in order to evaluate and improve our approach to work,” Jimmy Grouleff amplifies.

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“I save time - simple as that. GenieBelt is a good example on how technology can improve efficiency in an industry, which have not embraced much technology” - Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff

The arrow is pointing in the right direction

Idealhuse render

Kenn Møldrup Sterndorff is the construction manager at IDEALHUSE, and who has the daily contact with workers, and is responsible for establishing projects.

“Even though our houses is designed individually and adjusted, it is the same working procedures that we go through. Therefore, we work with timetables, which is based on templates, something GenieBelt supports as well. It has been really important for us, to be able to use as few clicks as possible in front of the computer,” says Kenn Møldrup.In the long run, Jimmi Grouleff is not in doubt that the digitization will have a great impact and influence on his ordinary day.

“We in the building industry, need to make ourselves more effective, and I believe that GenieBelt has given us some of the building blocks to do so. A lot of things are happening at the moment with drones, machines that lay bricks, houses that is delivered prefabricated, etc., but we still believe in old, proud working traditions, and the qualities it brings along. The place where we have decided to go digital, is in the way that we work together and something we expect to gain from,” says Jimmi Grouleff.


IDEALHUSE - the ideal about the simple, clear, and the unpretentious.

IDEALHUSE A/S, is a privately owned company, located in Ry near Aarhus in the middle of Jutland, which during the last 3 years have delivered high quality houses to private persons.

The quality of the house, is created through co-operation between the customer, IDEALHUSE and the collaborators, with a reasonable balance between functionality, aesthetics and economy.

Reasonable building economy and good craftsmanlike quality is an essential part of the company's work, and the best result is always delivered on time. At IDEALHUSE, every house is a reference for future customers.

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