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The central control via GenieBelt means that there is less need for meetings and less time with administrative tasks

Fewer meetings and less downtime with the help of digital platforms

Tommy Nielsen - Adm. Director - Juul & Nielsen

Digital control tools

The construction company Juul & Nielsen has taken a series of deliberate steps in the direction of ensuring the company’s continued development through the use of digital tools and platforms.

Juul & Nielsen already uses GenieBelt and Ajour to manage work processes, quality assurance and communicate on construction sites.

Having centralized control via GenieBelt means that there is less need for meetings and less time wasted on administrative tasks. All the necessary information is present in GenieBelt. However, when talking about implementing central digital control tools, it is important to be aware of the fact that it does not happen from the one day to the next.

"We are already deep in a reality where the digital systems must become a natural part of your everyday life”

Make it a deliberate decision

"One of the biggest derivative effects of using GenieBelt is that, as a company, you start considering how you will manage your subcontractors and thinking what an open and transparent project management means for your customers. In addition, one must be prepared to accept a little effort in the beginning, to get everybody on board and trained” evaluates Administrative Director Tommy Nielsen. He expects an optimization gain of around 2-4% in all processes at company level, and GenieBelt helps to support this development.

Juul & Nielsen has strategically invested time and money in finding digital tools that will support the company's digital optimization process. Among these, the Danish tool GenieBelt, for project management, communication and collaboration, and the Danish tool Ajour for quality assurance.

“All craftsmen can follow when it comes to GenieBelt, even if you are a flat-footed IT user with the cheapest smartphone” says Tommy Nielsen. "The system is just so extremely simple and straightforward, and each month an increasingly larger part of our projects is controlled via GenieBelt. This development will continue in 2017” he explains.


Mærsk Tower - Panum Institute, Copenhagen

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“Your partnership with your customers becomes more open and trustworthy”

Go ahead now, before it is too late

GenieBelt Maersk tower

Mærsk  Tower - Panum Institute, Copenhagen

"Go ahead now!" reads the brief advice from Tommy Nielsen. "We are already deep in a reality where the digital systems must become a natural part of your everyday life. This helps making administrative routines more simple, it provides fast access to information and your partnerships with your customers become more open and trusting.

So basically, it has a positive impact on the bottom line and your competitiveness while being able to ensure businesses like ours are able to attract and retain the right employees.”

Juul & Nielsen facts

100 years of accountability

Juul & Nielsen, with more than 200 employees in Copenhagen and Aarhus is one of the largest craft-based contractors.

Employees: over 200
Offices: Glostrup & Aarhus

Core Area: Complex and innovative general contract, turnkey contract, and contract awarded on a trade by trade basis, with their own carpentry and joiner teams. Big service department with more than 50 affiliated service vehicles in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

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