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KN Byg is providing carpentry, masonry and contracting services and has been working intensively during last year to implement GenieBelt software tool to handle their project management and internal planning.

KN Byg enjoys great success by offering transparency for professional and private builders

Kennet Nielsen - Administrative Director

A business that keeps up with the developments

The story of KN Byg providing carpentry, masonry and contracting services is in many ways a classic example of a craftsman business. With their base in Copenhagen, the company was founded by Per Kennet Nielsen and Kennet Nielsen in 2003. The idea was to focus on small renovations and service tasks.

Over the years both sons, Kennet and Allan Nielsen, became part of the company and finally took over the daily leadership. The generational shift has resulted in increasing customer network and greater focus on management and digitalisation as a growing number of private and professional builders choose KN Byg as a collaborative partner for their turnkey projects and main contracts.

Digital tools help with transparency in the building process

“Our branch is very tradition-bound. Previously workers would meet at workshops in the mornings, get their tasks and drive to their work destinations” says administrative director Kennet Nielsen and continues “And even though times have changed a lot, I still see how many of my colleagues are sticking to old traditions”.

However, the role and the demands of modern builders are setting to craftsmen and entrepreneurs in 2016 have changed a lot, says Kennet, which is why it is necessary to evolve with time.

Previously most of the communication and project management happened via emails that were sent back and forth between builders, KN Byg and their subcontractors. Everything from when and which a professional job should start, to changes in schedules in case of delays or problems, and to extra work or unforeseen events.

"When things went in gridlock, we usually had 40-50 emails to go through to find out the point in communication that went wrong" says masonry and project manager Allan Grønkvist-Nielsen and adds with a grin "Funnily, the main problem was often possible to trace to a one single e-mail found in the subcontractor's spam folder ".

"Our customers increasingly demand transparency and openness in project management and in their whole building process all the way through. It has been a natural step and a strategic choice for us to implement a project management tool and to move away from emails used as the primary way of communication” concurs Kennet Nielsen.

Allan Grønkvist-Nielsen - Administrative Director

"We have saved many calls, since our sub-contractors can go in and see that tasks have been completed according to the schedule. Our sub-contractors always check the app before they call us "
- Allan Grønkvist-Nielsen

GenieBelt provides flexibility in project management

During the past year, KN Byg has used GenieBelt to deal with project management and communication for all their projects. Moreover, the system has been also used to handle their internal coordination. For KN Byg GenieBelt provides extra value for those areas that are not present on the construction site each day.

"When we have many projects taking place simultaneously, it is not always possible to pass them by every day. However, with GenieBelt we always have our finger on the pulse on all our projects and we can see exactly what is going on and where." says Allan Grønkvist-Nielsen.

"We had a roof renovation that was worthy of preservation in Wildersgade, where rot was found during the project. GenieBelt made it easy for us to make changes in the schedule so that all parties were informed immediately”, mentions Kennet Nielsen, and continues: "Project management of our projects feels like a living organism. We enjoy great flexibility, we can easily assign new activities on the go, and we always have an overview of work already done with pictures and so on."


"GenieBelt is easy and visually simple to use. It is actually slightly big and clumsy, but in a positive way, as it works for all people "
- Kennet Nielsen

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Great success with transparency over professional and private builders

GenieBelt Maersk tower

Allan Grønkvist-Nielsen elaborates how KN Byg uses GenieBelt in the everyday life: "Today when we are out there bidding for larger cases, the first things we do is to create a new GenieBelt project. In no time we have a simple time frame attached to the offer, and thereby we also have a project space for the offer, schedules, communication, documents, drawings, etc. It is a super good tool, which only gets better."

"Especially private builders have loved the tool." elaborates Kennet Nielsen. "We run total renovations of a large number of 1-4 bedroom apartments in Hillerød, including the works of electricians, painters, masons, carpenters and floor men - and yes, we cover all of them. We have fixed schedule templates, so it is easy and quick to create new projects. We always invite builders, so they have a complete overview of the renovation progress, and the builders even rent the apartment out according to the schedule. We also issue our invoices with GenieBelt as the system has a clearly overview of the the overall state of the project."

According to Kennet GenieBelt is the right tool for them in order to get an overview of their projects and resources. "The solution when things get overwhelming is not always to hire new people, as I saw when I fell into problems during dead periods. Instead, I now have a complete overview of the company and where we have our resources and projects, which makes it easier for us to plan our work".

KN Byg profile

KN Byg A/S, is a family owned and well-established company, under the leadership of father and two sons, and is equal to quality, education in focus, and proud artisanal traditions.

The company solves everything within carpenter, brick layer and turnkey contracts, and doing both consulting, planning and execution.

KN Byg is located in Kastrup and mainly do business in Copenhagen and the surrounding districts, but do cover all of Sealand.

Today, KN Byg employs 21 employees and can with GenieBelt, offer its private and public customers, full transparency through the construction sequence. KN Byg - Where the past is preserved and the future is made.

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