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NHH is among one of the few main contractors today that have more than 100 years of history and experience

NHH's challenge


NHH is among one of the few main contractors today that have more than 100 years of history and experience. During this extensive period NHH has witnessed that not only has the construction industry changed immensely, but also the way projects are being managed has. However, end goal has always remained the same: to deliver a project of high quality within agreed economical and time-wise boundaries.

NHH has always had focus on the end goal and used the available tools that supports it: from binder/paper to computers and digital folders, to mobile devices and cloud-solutions.

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“A modern construction project demands simple, efficient IT solutions that takes care of repetitive, archiving and administrative tasks. GenieBelt is that system.”
- Jesper Schultz Jørgensen Project Manager NHH

The solution

NHH has introduced the cloud-based platform from GenieBelt, that has provided NHH with tools to manage and delegate tasks, track changes, significantly reduce paperwork, and increase the collaboration across subbies and employees. Each area also means, that NHH can save valuable time, during the construction project.

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NHH profile

The company Niels Herman Hansen founded the danish carpenter company NHH in 1909, and within a few years it became a growing, successful business. NHH has sinced developed and expanded the company according to disciplines and technology, along with what the the marked has sought. All while NHH has managed to build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust.

Size: 50-100 employees

Location: Charlottenlundvej 4 DK-2900 Hellerup Denmark

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