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Nutshell Construction is a family business, run by 2 brothers and a cousin with between them several decades of experience. Nutshell operates in the south East mainly in the two Sussex counties, Hampshire and Kent

How It Started

We sat down with Patrick Fitzsimons of Nutshell Construction to discuss features and what took place was an impromptu interview about Nutshell Construction and how Geniebelt has helped get work done more efficiently. After having only used Geniebelt for three months, Patrick was thrilled with how much more organized and simple things had become. 


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best

Before GenieBelt, we were mainly using Excel rather than any specific project software. We were often putting things in spreadsheets and updating as we went between office and job site. Excel isn't elegant and not the easiest to share. Analyzing data was very challenging and the results were not easily sharable. The audit trail didn’t exist. We had our fair share of difficulties.

Some of the solutions we tried prior to going with GenieBelt were BuilderTrend, Procore, and Co-construct.

The bigger construction software did too much all at once. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. When you have to train less technical people in the field, you want something they can pick up quickly. The other solutions were difficult to use as the software was too complex.

People on site are quite busy, we needed something that was easy for them to learn and they could pick up and use right away.

GenieBelt makes it easier for communication between the contractors on the job site and the office.

Why is GenieBelt so great?

We needed a way to keep everyone on the same page. The latest drawings and documents can change by the day. GenieBelt has the potential to keep everyone in step. The competitors do it all, but they don't seem so user friendly.  

The user experience is the difference maker - there was too steep of a learning curve with the other software and no one has that kind of time. We went with GenieBelt because it could be picked up and run with quickly. The things it does, it does well. Not too many features but the one’s I use all work.

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The task list is great, I like the way it’s set up. We’re not even using it to its full potential yet, but so far it’s been very helpful.

I can see the updates in real-time and follow progress as jobs gets completed. Projects are spread out, but this keeps me organized.

The repository for documents is very helpful for all the project documents that we accumulate. Everyone is working with the same information.

As reporting gets better- it’s easier keeping the directors up to date. I’ve found the Word version to be useful when trying to get summaries out quickly.

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GenieBelt for any size


As well as our larger projects, we generally have a lot of small projects, “small works.” These can last from a few hours to a few days, but their progress still needs to be charted just like any other task on a job site. So we can track them within Geniebelt as individual tasks within a “small works” project.

We would recommend GenieBelt, yes, but obviously others’ needs may be very different. But for us it looks like being a very useful addition to our systems and processes to keep our projects on track.

Nutshell Construction profile

At any one time there are up to 100 people working on our sites

Nutshell started with loft conversions, but have quickly progressed into larger projects involving country manor houses. This required rapid growth and more specialized talent to get the job done. They’ve grown from a small contractor into a full-fledged construction company by word of mouth.

Their clients want something special rather than the bare minimum. They do a lot of refurbishments of older listed buildings and have built a reputation for high quality of work and service.

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