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RBC Rochdale

RBC offer building services to the commercial, private and public sectors across the North West. They run about 15 sites at any one time with a small team. They use GenieBelt for complete project tracking and communication.

RBC Rochdale’s challenge

RBC rochdale housing

Tom and Rochdale would run about 15 sites at any one time with a small team. Tom found himself spending a considerable amount of time on the phone, answering emails and texts from his guys on site, rather than being able to grow the business.

“Of course you can build a house and manage it in your head. But when you are running 15 of them at one time, you start to miss things and everything becomes one big mess where you struggle to focus.”

Getting increasingly frustrated with the old way of working he set himself and RBC the challenge of improving their ways by taking advantage of what all of their guys already had in their pockets: their smartphones.

“All our guys have an iPhone or Android phone and use them all the time in their personal lives. I was looking for something where while we are on site, we can keep each other informed and act in a more informed manner when an issue occur.”

The solution

Today RBC uses GenieBelt for complete project tracking and communication. “Rather than getting called 10 times a day by my guys, they know where they should be and I know how far gone they are. I was pleasantly surprised at how they took to it, but it makes sense, they personally value their work as well, so being able to show that through GenieBelt is quite powerful”

RBC Rochdale housing side

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“I can get all those thoughts and reminders out of my head and into my GenieBelt, so I can focus on winning more work”

The arrow is pointing in the right direction

RBC Rochdale housing front

Tom describes how GenieBelt helps RBC avoid future problems.

“A classic and simple example of how GenieBelt is helping me and my guys was when one of my lads was on site installing fascia boards to a Client’s house. Nine times out of ten, we specify to match into existing, but this time the Client had requested new UPVC. For some reason this was not communicated down the line. So the joiner turned up on site and like usual installed timber facia to match the existing houses on the terrace row. When I saw this I immediately put the joiner to work in replacing with UPVC. Now with GenieBelt, I include a simple spec within each tasks’ description and my guys can just double check on their phone when they come to that task, which saves us any wasted time and materials for all future events!”

RBC Rochdale profile

RBC Rochdale LTD places service quality and reliability at its core. This has paid off with an excellent local reputation and high customer satisfaction.

Size: 10 employees.

Location: Rochdale United Kingdom

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