Based in Denmark, IDEALHUSE operates in the housebuilding sector as a builder of villas and other houses. At the moment, with the help of GenieBelt, they are building 7 house projects in Ry by Silkeborg and another 14 houses in Galten-Skovby between Silkeborg and Aarhus. In 2017, IDEALHUSE plans to build more than 30 houses using GenieBelt as their digital tool to gain control over multiple projects, improve collaboration and increase efficiency.

Why IDEALHUSE chose GenieBelt

Working with multiple house projects at a time, without a digital solution in place, meant that a lot of time was spent creating reports and records of project progress. The entire work process was very analogue.

Typically, we would drive out to the construction site, identify a problem, take a picture on our phone, drive back, transfer the picture to a computer, and then send it with a task description to the relevant party

GenieBelt eliminated all these steps and created a clear, smooth and easy workflow. The schedule is now dynamic and updated in real time.

“We have complete overview of the project’s progress. Workers on-site can easily report problems, we get the notified of problems and updates, and we can notify relevant parties. All of this in one single central system,” says Jimmi Grouleff.

Jimmi Grouleff

Owner & Director - IDEALHUSE

We in the building industry need to make ourselves more efficient and I believe that GenieBelt has given us some of the building blocks to do so

Overview across multiple house projects

Working on multiple house projects at once requires time management, coordination of multiple parties and collaboration between teams. GenieBelt helps by creating a simpler workflow that makes it easier for housebuilders to gain overview across multiple projects and at the same time delve deeper into the details of a single project.

“With just a few clicks, I can learn the current state of my projects. I can see where we are having problems and which contractors are experiencing delays. This kind of knowledge, which is difficult to get, is indispensable as it helps us evaluate and improve our approach to work,” says Jimmi Grouleff.

Establishing standards and optimising workflows

Even though houses have different design schemes and layouts, the process of building them makes use of the same overall work processes. By using GenieBelt’s templates, IDEALHUSE have been able to to bring more standardisation to their work processes.

“We save time by using GenieBelt. It has been really important for us to be able to use as few clicks as possible on the computer. GenieBelt’s templates support us very well and have been really important to us,” says Kenn Møldrup, Construction Manager at IDEALHUSE.

The construction industry is continuously evolving. There are now drones, more automation, modular construction and the like. In order to stay ahead of the game, IDEALHUSE is choosing to digitise the way they currently work. In short they are focusing on improving and modernising their current business processes.

“We in the building industry need to make ourselves more efficient and I believe that GenieBelt has given us some of the building blocks to do so,” says Jimmi Grouleff.

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