Jerram Falkus

Founded in 1919, initially called Falkus Construction Limited, Jerram Falkus operates in the UK construction industry. The company provides services in both, new build and refurbishment of commercial, industrial, residential, educational, healthcare and other public sector buildings. Projects are carried out in both occupied and unoccupied environments.

Why GenieBelt works for Jerram Falkus

For Jerram Falkus, GenieBelt has proven to be a very valuable communication and collaboration tool. Including design teams and subcontractors, Jerram Falkus was using GenieBelt to coordinate with 70 different operatives working on-site.

“GenieBelt shows everyone’s responsibility, across the design team and subcontractors. The benefits to the overall team in being able to get an instant update have proven to be invaluable,” says Martin Hickey, Project Manager at Jerram Falkus.

Jerram Falkus has been working in the construction industry for more than 100 years. They have worked with various contractors and used different tools. So far, GenieBelt has been a very well-liked tool.

“In general the workers really like GenieBelt. We use some subcontractors more often than others. The ones we work with the most also use GenieBelt more, since they know we prefer to use it,” says Martin Hickey.

Martin Hickey

Project manager

I knew GenieBelt was a real game changer for us as soon as I started

Better management of delays

Before GenieBelt, Martin not only had to deal with the effects of delays, which could extend to several days, but he also did not have a tool to show him and his team the way to benefit from efficiency gains. Martin paints the following picture to explain his situation.

“For example, a team may arrive on the Monday and expect to be finished with a task on the Friday, but gets delayed one day. This scenario tends to actually cost more than a day, since everyone else has to adjust their plans to it. And if a team finishes early and nobody knows
about it, you cannot gain economically from it. Finishing quicker always makes money and that is how GenieBelt helps us.”

It is essential to work with updated programmes and make decisions from accurate progress reports. And that is what Jerram Falkus were looking for in GenieBelt.

“I knew GenieBelt was a real game changer for us as soon as I started,” concludes Martin Hickey.

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