Juul & Nielsen

With more than 100 years of experience working in the Danish construction industry, Juul & Nielsen are one of Denmark’s largest trade contractors. Currently, Juul & Nielsen have close to 200 employees in Copenhagen and Århus. As a main contractor, Juul & Nielsen has proactively taken steps for further development through the use of digital tools and platforms.

Why GenieBelt works for Juul & Nielsen

Juul & Nielsen uses GenieBelt to collaborate with teams on construction sites and optimise their work processes.

With the centralised control GenieBelt provides, there is less need for meetings and less time wasted on administrative tasks. All the necessary information is present in GenieBelt.

“One of the biggest advantages of using GenieBelt is that, as a company, start considering how to better manage your subcontractors and the implications of having open and transparent project management,” says Tommy Nielsen, Managing Director at Juul & Nielsen.

Tommy Nielsen

Managing Director

With the help and support of GenieBelt, we expect to achieve an optimisation gain of around 2-4% at company level

A company wide digital adoption strategy

Juul & Nielsen has invested a lot time and money in finding digital solutions that will support the company’s strategy to become more digitally optimised. In order to do that, GenieBelt, among other softwares, is used as a real-time collaboration and communications tool.

“With the help and support of GenieBelt, we expect to achieve an optimisation gain of around 2-4% at company level,” says Tommy Nielsen.

User-friendly mobile app

The adoption of digital tools in the current work processes require a little effort in the beginning. Multiple teams need to be onboarded and trained. GenieBelt’s user-friendly mobile app is very easy to understand and that helps in the onboarding process as compared to other tools.

“All of our craftsmen can figure out GenieBelt, even a flat-footed IT user with the cheapest smartphone. The system is just so extremely simple and straightforward, and each month we are continuously using GenieBelt on more projects.” says Tommy Nielsen

Juul & Nielsen claims that this development and growth with GenieBelt will continue in 2017.

According to Tommy Nielsen, “The reality is that digital systems must become a natural part of our everyday life. They help to simplify administrative routines, provide fast access to information, and lead to more open and trusting partnerships with our customers.”

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