Operating in the UK construction industry as a Project Management MEP Sub-Contractor, Silverlife provides electrical and mechanical services on a wide range of construction projects in the Greater London area, from high-end residential blocks to refurbishment of offices.

An early adopter

As an early GenieBelt adopter, Silverlife has been using the real-time communication software platform on their projects for 4 years now.

We saw the potential of GenieBelt from day one,” says Dan Brown, Director at Silverlife.

GenieBelt is used on 70% of Silverlife’s current projects and the goal is to enable all of its sub-contractors to use the tool. Projects that Silverlife is currently running with the help of GenieBelt include three new build residential blocks on London’s Holloway Road with a total value of £2.4 million, and the construction of a new Metro Bank branch office.

Dan Brown

Director - Silverlife

We are bringing this into the culture and making it part of our processes. We are a small contractor but we have a lot of customers and we are trying to enable people to use GenieBelt more

Paper – manual and time consuming

Before using GenieBelt, Silverlife used paper copies of the project programmes provided by their clients. The processes connected to this were manual and time-consuming.

“We monitored progress based on the programme. The method wasn’t interactive. It wasn’t something we could physically use. It was just a paper copy. Reporting the progress of construction projects was very manual and time consuming. Oftentimes, it involved the actual person writing the report having to visit the site. So there was a lack of time efficiency. GenieBelt has changed that

Time savings and collaboration

GenieBelt’s easy-to-use software has allowed Silverlife’s engineers to report project progress on any handheld device. With just a few clicks, they are able to generate impressive progress reports. Dan Brown praises the collaborative nature of the GenieBelt platform.

“I like the fact that it enables all members of the team to get involved and look at a central system to view progress. It focuses on a collaborative approach. We can also get our clients to view our programme, which is basically their programme, in a live Gantt chart view.”

One of the projects where Silverlife used GenieBelt was significantly delayed and conflicts were brewing.

It was quite a complex project and it was being poorly managed. So with GenieBelt we were able to quickly create weekly updates, take photographs, and demonstrate where others were causing delays – this helped our client manage their other trade contractors.

Using GenieBelt, Silverlife was able to show the client where the issues were, bringing a much needed level of transparency to the project. The reports generated enabled the client to manage its other contractors and run the project much more efficiently.

Construction of the future – transparency and collaboration

According to Dan Brown, the project programme has always been a top-down management and control tool.

“Historically, the programme has always been about top-down management. It is generated at high level and pushed downwards. It has never really been about people who were part of the process and it didn’t empower people who were actually doing the work on construction sites,” says Dan Brown and continues, “Everyone is talking about collaboration but they don’t really embrace it. I recommend GenieBelt to everyone as a very clever and easy-to-use collaboration and communications tool that allows people to have an open approach to the project programme.”

With GenieBelt, Silverlife’s supervisors and project managers can take ownership of their part of the programme, allowing them to manage the project bottom-up instead of top-down.

As a proactive player in the UK construction industry, Silverlife is using digital technologies to create a truly transparent and collaborative approach to project management.

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