GenieBelt for house and volume builders

GenieBelt makes your project management easier. Manage delays, speed up your processes and get overview and insights in all your projects.

Manage delays effectively

  • View progress and at-risk activities in real time home building software
  • Get full insight into project health, so you can make the right decisions
  • In case of delays, just revise the project plan and everyone is immediately aware

Reduce rework

  • Ensure that your contractors are working to plan
  • Manage resources and materials in accordance with the plan
  • Avoid on-site rush and resulting poor quality work
  • Learn from one project to another for better planning
GenieBelt is the first application that our team find useful for their work, tracking their projects and keeping real-time notes. In just a few clicks they have updated the whole team!
Timothy CocaroDirector, Rescon Builders

Overview & insights

  • Manage a portfolio of projects in one intuitive dashboard
  • Get live insight into project status, problems and overall health
  • Get insight into performance per contractor
  • Limit the need for weekly meetings and reporting

Speed up your processes

  • Create templates from existing projects and use them for new projects
  • Assign contractors and workers with tasks in GenieBelt, and avoid the need for time-consuming management
  • The task list is provided in real-time, so time is spent working, not asking questions

Get control of your finances

  • Avoid sending subcontractors out to sites before they are ready for them
  • Control invoicing and payments by verifying against real-time progress
  • GenieBelt’s full audit trail provides non-editable proof of actions, removing any doubt

Trusted by industry leaders

Secure customer satisfaction

  • Ensure homes are ready for handover on the promised date
  • Keep customers updated on actual progress
  • Make sure houses are built to the right quality and no shortcuts are made to save time or money

See how HusCompagniet uses GenieBelt to save up to 10-15% on projects

Huscompagniet is eliminating the chain reaction of delays that occurs when contractors drive to the building site in vain.

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