Geniebelt for material suppliers

Construction software that provides real-time planning and progress monitoring, allowing you to achieve significant operational gains.

Cut waste and avoid claims

  • Minimise on-site breakage and waste.
  • Avoid on-site delivery delays due to lack of preparation. 
  • Avoid cluttering up the building site.
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Improve operational efficiency

  • Get accurate, up-to-date delivery dates
  • Plan operations more efficiently across projects.
  • Gain insights across many installation jobs and projects.

Increase competitiveness

  • Enhance your offering to clients by adding value with GenieBelt and receive valuable installation and usage insights.
  • Save time and money and increase margins.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and gain more business.

Prepare for BIM proliferation

  • Be part of the “digital wheel” – triangulate your BIM objects with model and schedule.
  • Plan operations more efficiently across projects.

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