Overview & insights

Brings overview and insights to your construction projects. Have the birds eye view while not missing any of the details.
Audit trail graphic

Accountability, transparency and a full audit trail

Built-in, real-time audit trail

Keep daily logs and real-time records of activity on all tasks, automatically, for the lifetime of your projects.

Always be prepared for any legal cases

Know you have full documentation of your project audit trail whenever you need know who did what and when.


Easily track changes in your project by comparing revisions with baselines.

Identify and solve any issues

Secure an audit trail of all projects by having everyone on the same system.

Live project overviews

Keep a bird’s eye view and know which workers are on what tasks

Easily monitor all your projects, their current status and recent notifications from your project overview.

Provide project managers with easy access to all project schedules in one place

Invite and add unlimited users and company teams into any construction or building project. 

Gain foresight 

Get alerted and manage construction problems before they occur.

Avoid costly mistakes

Never lose track of vital information and no more resource misallocations.

Access anywhere, in the field or office

Use our construction software in the field on your smartphone or at your desk on your computer

It’s designed to be easy to use on web browsers, iOS and Android.

Updates and progress reports have never been easier

Give progress updates and upload task photos directly using our app on your smartphone in the field.

Don’t miss anything

All task notifications and construction project updates reach you immediately on your mobile device.

Get on top of your projects and tasks

Everyone is in the know across all projects in real-time.

Big data to learn how to improve future projects

Use data like never before

By using GenieBelt you generate a lot of construction data that can be brought to decision makers like never before.

Learn from your mistakes

Use data to implement new processes to prevent problems and never repeat the same mistakes again.

Use the transparency of shared information to your advantage

Transparency and learning drives change, those who don’t embrace this in construction will become extinct.


Use data to bring consistency of delivery into your construction projects.

How overview and insights helped KN Build

KN Byg is providing carpentry, masonry and contracting services and has been working intensively during last year to implement GenieBelt software tool to handle their project management and internal planning.

Other awesome GenieBelt features

real-time project management
Collaboration and communication 

GenieBelt brings simple to use real-time project management and collaboration to the industry which needs it the most.

worker reporting progress from field
Mobile field reporting app

With GenieBelt’s mobile field reporting app, updating progress has never been so simple. It’s time to end pointless phone calls and meetings.

construction daily logs
Construction reports

With GenieBelt you combine with 1 click all your data into valuable and detailed construction reports. Quick and efficient.

Try GenieBelt for yourself!

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