Join the converted. Be proud.

The world of construction needs to change. We need to be converted. The ProudProject is about loving what we do and doing what we love. It's about building history, not just houses. It's about meeting the changes in construction, not simply having meetings about changing construction.

No more delays, pointless paperwork and unanswered emails. No more blame game, bad planning and work-arounds. And no more Extreme Makeover! But that's a whole different story. It's time to take our business to another level, where builders are not building walls and architects are not drawing squares...

GenieBelt baustolzes Projekt

It's time for transparency, good communication and successful projects to be proud of. It's time for the right tools in the right belt. Time to see the light. Too much? Ok.

Work will often be about duties and deadlines. We want work to be not just a job, but something to be proud of. And that's why we say:

Ein bisschen Schmerz...und Gewinn tut niemandem weh.
Ein stolzer Kunde

Geez, you're off in the sky, you might be thinking. Sounding almost religious. Okay, we might have gotten carried away. But you know what? It's your job. No, it's your life, actually. We need to get carried away. And so do you. So tell us – what's better than being proud of what you do?

Convert yourself by joining our stand to Proud your Project!

Ich breche alle Verhältnis-Gesetze.
Ein stolzer Architekt
You can think of me as the construction quantum physicist - getting this building finished on time and budget meant bending the laws of space and time.
Ein stolzer Bauunternehmer