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Still not clear what GenieBelt is?
Who's it really for? Should you sign up?
How much does it really cost?
I received an email inviting me to a project, what do I do next?
Will my data be safe?
Will GenieBelt be difficult to use?
Still not clear what GenieBelt is?

GenieBelt is a technology start-up founded by construction industry professionals frustrated by having to repeatedly tackle the same old problems.

It’s also an online and mobile platform designed and built from the ground up to support better project management and collaboration in the construction industry.

It’s based on the innovative idea of transparently sharing an interactive project programme in real-time. It simply aims to help you get your projects completed smarter and faster.

To find out more about GenieBelt’s features, and how it can help your project, you can schedule a call or contact us anytime at info@geniebelt.com. Or sign up now and try it for yourself.

Who's it really for? Should you sign up?

GenieBelt is for anyone involved in any part of the building process, small or large. This could be:

  • a sub-contractor wanting everyone working from the same page;
  • a large regional contractor wanting to get actionable analytics about their projects.

It’s for project managers, contract managers, construction managers, site managers, architects, engineers, surveyors, main contractors, subcontractors, clients and anyone else who needs to know or report back on what is happening on your project.

It can be used from the earliest stages of construction, i.e in the tender process, right through to actual construction and onto maintenance. Which stages you use it for is up to you.

As soon as a colleague signs up (for free) for a GenieBelt account they can be invited into your project. Sign up now and try for yourself.

How much does it really cost?

Prices start with a free, time-limited demo, which has enough features to run a simple construction project from start to finish.

For paid projects GenieBelt has a simple, affordable and flexible pricing structure to suit your needs. All basic and standard paid plans are priced per month. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel them at anytime or pass the cost onto your customers. If you want to run multiple GenieBelt projects across your company contact us and we will work with you to get you started at the right price.

To see our current prices plans visit the pricing page or contact us at info@geniebelt.com.

I received an email inviting me to a project, what do I do next?

If you’re a new user, you need to sign up for a GenieBelt account, which is free.

You can do this directly from your invitation email or you can sign up now using the email address the invitation was sent to. You will see the project in your GenieBelt dashboard once you are logged in.

If you already have an account you just need to be logged in to access the new project.

Will my data be safe?

In short, yes. GenieBelt ensures only people invited into a project will ever have access to the data.

We know that pretty much all the work we do for our clients in construction is confidential. This means that user data protection and intellectual rights is extremely dear to our hearts. Anything you do in GenieBelt, even on the free plan, is protected and is safe from third parties.

From the moment you arrive at the GenieBelt sign up page, your communications are protected by banking-grade, 128-bit SSL security. We encrypt all data with SSL and as an extra measure we allocate unique passwords for each device to minimize the possibility of hacks.

All passwords and security tokens in our database are also encrypted with a one-way encryption, so even if someone managed to break our security measures, it’s impossible to read passwords or security tokens. We also make sure we only use fully tested software with the latest security updates on our servers and furthermore, we run full remote backups of all your data so nothing will ever be lost.

Our services are hosted out of London with data backups in Germany and Denmark.

Will GenieBelt be difficult to use?

We sincerely hope not! One of our mottos is “Simply, simple” for a reason.

We have designed our web and mobile apps with the computer phobics and thick-fingered site guys in mind so that everyone gets a great user experience. We focus on simple and clean design using words and actions that people in construction understand.

We take great care in making sure our apps are optimised to work fast on whatever device you use. In a few clicks you should be able to easily add tasks, upload drawings and get on with the construction jobs you are paid for. All you need to do is enjoy the extra time you can save.

No training should be needed, our platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. But once you’re logged in we are always there if you need help, we are fanatical about support. So sign up today and find out for yourself.

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