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Project management in construction isn’t easy. There are always going to be hiccups and when you get stuck, we’re there for you. Although we rarely get support questions due to our extensive training during onboarding, we promise to respond as soon as possible to get you through it.

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Much of construction industry is slow to adopt new software and we understand that it can be a difficult transition. We’re happy help you when you get stuck and walk you through features that will improve your business.

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Our software almost never goes offline and when it does, someone gets fired.

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GenieBelt support available everywhere: email, chat, phone.

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Our learning center with guides to get you through all aspects of every feature. We additionally allow people to take our onboarding course as many times as they want until they feel comfortable.

GenieBelt customer service

Just give us a call, email or message - and we will avoid your construction headaches. Hopefully, you won’t have ones with GenieBelt.

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We’ve spent a lot of hours to make GenieBelt as easy as possible. But, you are always welcome to dive deeper and get certified with Geniebelt Online Academy.

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Online Academy

Great online course to learn GenieBelt and you will get certified after completing it.

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Self help

Our how to videos show you how to setup and troubleshoot every part of our product so you can avoid getting stuck and use Geniebelt to its fullest extent.

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