The basics of construction project management is to allow dozens to thousands of tasks to be tied together between different labour. GenieBelt’s Advanced Dependencies allows you to accomplish just that. On massive construction projects all tasks are connected, if delivery of material was delayed, same would be with roof construction. And if you have hundreds of issues like that, it’s just impossible to keep track. And you don’t need to, GenieBelt will do it for you.

Gantt Chart Dependencies

Related Tasks

Adjustments on one task will have an impact on all related future tasks. We will do it for you.

Gantt Chart

Project Dependencies

What are project dependencies in a nutshell? Imagine, that task A has to finish before task B can start, and task C continues. So, every changes on task A will affect task B & C as well.

Assign Task

Automatic and Manual Dependencies

You can create relations between construction tasks on your own or GenieBelt will do dependency management for you.

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GenieBelt isometric dependancies


With GenieBelt Advanced Dependencies you will save time and money in construction, and avoid construction headaches.

Flag Tasks

Construction Efficiency

Make sure to eliminate waste, average hours, and avoid contractors showing up on the wrong days.

Construction Efficiency

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