Audit Trail and Realtime Activity Feed

Why an Audit Trail?

See your tasks come alive with better construction communication. Our platform allows for trackable construction worker messaging to be displayed on every related task.

This audit trail or integrated daily log allows you to chart every communication and action on your worksite, never wonder what went wrong again.

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Audit Trail

Shows all actions leading up to notable incidentsComments, updates, pictures, changes to the task, etc are all part of the Audit Checklist that you can view at any time

GenieBelt gantt chart

Track timeline

All parts of construction project in one timeline: updates, mentions, comments, pictures, and more. See how your project moves forward.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Track changes in your project

Construction time tracking can be a cumbersome process and trying to keep an audit trail of all communications is impossible unless everyone is on the same system.

GenieBelt timeline

See tasks from start to finish

Each task can be dissected from its first moments until it’s signed off on by a construction manager. Trace your workers progress through completion on-site or off-site.


Better communication is the core of any successful construction project. GenieBelt’s communication tools will allow your construction team to work seamlessly together.

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Communication in construction teams

Construction contact lists are especially challenging to go through when you need to speak with someone in pinch. Our manpower tracking software helps everyone to be connected in one place.

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Asking for updates - get percentage completion

Managers to ask employees for updates, the employee gets an alert on their phone and then can snap a photo give a completion percentage update, and respond right away.

GenieBelt Task Management

Better communication is a core solution for construction management problems. GenieBelt Audit Trail provides just that.

Iphone beats communication


Constantly stay in contact with your workers and know exactly who is responsible for every aspect of the job. Get updates in realtime from the site and make split second decisions to avoid major delays and the snowball effect that problems on site tend to have.

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Tagging people (@mention)

When you send a picture, update, assign a task and @mention members of your team - they will receive instant notification. We call them “Beats” and think it’s a better way of construction contact.

GenieBelt updates

Get instantly notified when a problem is reported

Contractors on site will receive instant alert about required changes from manager, sitting in office - cool, right? No more lengthy phone calls, discussions and delayed work.

GenieBelt updates

Request update - email & notification

Construction Managers can ask employees for updates on specific task(s). The worker receives and email and notification, then responds. This allows the manager to make changes and fix issues on the fly.

Better records

When something goes wrong and the finger pointing starts, you need to make sure you’ve got all your documentation. It used to be that you would try to retroactively create a report with a lot of guess work. Now you can see every step of every task.

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Workers upload and send pictures

Project managers no longer need to be onsite in order to see the workmanship of a contractor and approve that the job has been done. Workers can snap a photo and send it.

GenieBelt task details

All records in one place

It’s much easier, when all construction project communication is stored in one place, accessible at any time. GenieBelt serves as integrated daily log for your construction projects.

GenieBelt Task Management

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