What is a baseline?

Baseline allows to answer common question in construction - see what’s behind and ahead of your original plan. This feature helps you to compare baselines of different projects and get an overall idea, how your master project is performing at the moment.

With GenieBelt’s Baseline we want to make track of your project as easy as possible.

3d gantt chart perspective view


Track construction project’s performance easily with Baseline feature. You can quickly check, how are things going with exact project or task.

GenieBelt gantt chart

Highlight different parts of projects both in the past and future

Create baseline project and see, what’s behind and ahead of schedule in different parts of the massive projects.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Create single or multiple

Create as many baselines as you want and name them as you like.

Baseline in Project Management - critical tool to measure performance of whole construction project.

Isometric Gantt Chart


Being able to accurately know the percentage of completion for individual tasks can be the difference between a success and failure. Getting a project completed on time and not losing money due to delays are why progress updates are so important.

GenieBelt flag tasks

Easy to measure the progress

Measure, how each task on project is performing. You can define starting point and see how it goes onward.

GenieBelt Task Management

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