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Every task is managed in one place.Effective and smart communication - is a core of any successful construction project. At GenieBelt we are aware of that. Our software works well with all sorts of construction, project management emails. You will be notified about changes on any of your projects, problems, updates, mentions by colleagues and so on. Also, if you are an email junkie - GenieBelt is a right tool for you.

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Effective communication in construction

Now more than ever it’s imperative that you’re constantly getting feedback from your job site. This feedback ultimately makes up the audit trail which allows you to see how a task took shape and where things went right or wrong. These features can be used to see where issues began.

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Audit trail

Keep up to date with all changes on construction projects and get notified, when something happens.

Assign Task

Report problems

Our construction communication platform allows to easily report problems, both from field and office.

Better Management over projects

Our Communication Module provides better opportunities to manage your construction project properly. Project, user management and communications are seamlessly integrated, so you can feel comfortable in construction management.

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Assing Tasks

GenieBelt operates as communication management system or software, which allows to assign tasks to any members of your team, who will be immediately notified.

Assign Task

Project Managers Sign off

We use email communication to sign off project managers, general contractors, etc.(Image - assigned task animated screenshot)

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Updates, Mentions & Notifications

Request update, easily @mention members of your team, receive instant notifications and get things done in construction.


Request Update

Want to know how things are going on specific project, e.g. if materials were delivered or roof installed? Just request an update, no headaches.

Project Updates


With GenieBelt it’s easy to mention every member of your team and get him involved in the project. And he/she will be immediately notified.

Project Updates


Get instant notifications, when something important happens on a project.

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