Construction Project Report

Less is more?

One click construction reporting is as simple as it sounds. The construction management report is especially helpful for the decision makers. High level managers don’t need to review every task, they need a simple way to get the impression of what is happening on site.

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Construction Reports & Overviews

Construction Reporting is a necessity for success in construction management. Create & Export reports via our construction project management platform.

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Overviews and detailed summary

GenieBelt has developed construction project reporting and summary feature, which allows you to see detailed summary for all workers, managers, directors and key decision makers.

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Exporting reports

Export reports on any stage of the project in handy pdf or csv file, which you can present to your team members, your manager. Or just get an overview, how things are going on that particular project.

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Project manager time saver

One of the longest processes of any PM is putting together daily work reports or weekly construction project reports. Manually putting these together can take forever, now you can export everything in one click.

Timed reports

Export reports for different periods of time: weeks or daily reports.

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Recent week report

All changes, comments, actions, which happened last week on your construction project in one place.

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Daily report

Construction daily work reports is one of the most requested features in construction management. See, what, how and when happens on construction site everyday.

GenieBelt Task Management

GenieBelt Construction Project Report is one of the most beloved features by general contractors and project managers. Get started today.

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