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Too often construction companies mix up their latest documents and drawings the results are catastrophic. In an age of cloud storage, Geniebelt easily solves this problem.

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Document Management

Keep track of all the important files for your project in one place and never worry about losing them because they live in the cloud.

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Keep track of all the documents

Keep track of photos, legal documents, permits, and any other related documents in the cloud.Use our document storage or document repository to safely keep everything in one place.

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Easy upload from all kinds of devices

Upload everything from your mobile device, computer, or tabletOur DMS system is cloud based, therefore it is seamlessly integrated between different devices.

Drawing management

Keep construction drawings and blueprints in one place and always work only with latest revision to not mess things up.

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Keep track of revisions

Everytime you upload a file into the drawing folder on your project, you can choose to update the revision number.

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Blue Prints and Cad drawings can change

Make sure everyone knows when a change is made: Select to alert everyone on site and back at the office when a new revision update goes live

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Always use the most up to date documents

Product extranet solutions only go so far, Geniebelt takes your document management to the next level with smarter and simpler cloud storage.

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With GenieBelt document and drawing management system you will forever forget about paper and pen in construction.

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