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Drill Down allows you to take full control of your construction project. This feature helps you filter projects by many criteria, such as: people, companies, tags, etc. And as a result, the searchability of projects is significantly improved, as well as it provides a full project overview or Drill Down reports to managers. For any job logging software, what GenieBelt essentially is, a feature like Drill Down is a must.

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Make your software work for you

Sometimes you need to find a specific task or instance in a very complex project and with the Drill Down feature you’re able to break out of the standard navigation and find what you're looking for quickly.


Filter projects

Filter tasks by projects, tasks, tags, company, people, etc. Just make your complex construction project more searchable and manageable.

CSV file

Download results as CSV file

Get results of your filtering or construction task list in a handy file.

Assign Task

Better project management and visibility

Better management of projects and increased visibility of individual workers and entire companies. It can get hard with complex construction projects, but Drill Down can remove this struggle.

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