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Efficient contractor management is an essential part of any successful build project management. GenieBelt helps you to do that easy and fast. We have handy managers dashboard, from which you can invite new members, change their status, oversee your construction team and more.

Manage Contractors

Be Hands on - Get More control

When you want to dive into every detail, geniebelt allows you to control every aspect of the project and all of its elements. Choose how deeply you want to be involved in each user, task, and project.


Add unlimited users

You can add as many users as you want to your construction projects.

Assign Task

Add any contractor and track their progress

Not only add contractors, but track their performance as well.


Drilldown / Filter to see individual workers

Filter all projects by individual workers.

Assign Task

Assign tasks

Easily assign tasks to members of your team.

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We stick to principles of efficiently managed construction, which basically saves you time and money.

Be hands off and just look at the big picture

Decision makers just want to know that the project is on time and being completed in the way they’ve promised it to the client. Give C-level executives access to Geniebelt and let them decide their level of involvement.

Full Reports

Get full reports

During construction projects it is important to get reports of every stage.

Project of Projects

Project of Projects

Project of Projects, or how we call it - Eagle Overview - one of the most beloved features from General Contractors or Directors. As it allows you to overview and visualize the flow of massive projects on your screen.

Flag Tasks

Observer role

GenieBelt allows some users to view how projects are going, without being deeply involved.


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