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Construction Milestones

Aware of the milestones?

When you have major events in your construction timeline, you need to be sure everyone involved in the work is aware of how important these construction milestones are.

GenieBelt Ipad dependancies


GenieBelt dependacies

Important dates and checkpoints

Set important dates and checkpoints like invoice days, deadlines, specific contractor/inspection visits, etc

GenieBelt automated dependancy

See milestones coming and plan accordingly

Use Genie Milestones as important checkpoints on your construction projects, which won’t let you get lost

GenieBelt isometric dependancies


With GenieBelt advanced dependency you will save time and money in construction. And avoid construction headaches too.

GenieBelt efficiency

Construction Efficiency

Make sure to eliminate waste, overage hours, and avoid contractors showing up on the wrong days.

Geniebelt Construction Efficiency

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