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Spread sheets and clunky reports never do a construction overview any justice. There’s nothing like getting a construction project summary one screen complete with a pie chart showing percentage completed and a list of project tasks showing their percentage of completion, the state they’re in, and who has been assigned to it.

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Smart Project Overviews

Instantly get overviews for all your construction projects. See percentage completed, which tasks are ongoing, behind or problematic.

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Completion Summary for Project

See your overall project’s completion percentage inside of a pie chart, giving you a clearer understanding how of overall how much work is left to go.

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Project Report

View individual elements of the project and separate out by task, user, and completion percentage. See which parts have been completed, ongoing or late.

Project Overviews allow you to have a quick look at your project and not get lost in project management jungles of building industry. Try with GenieBelt for free.

Easy Export

Save overviews in handy pdf or word files.

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Project Summary Export

Export Construction Project Summary in handy pdf or word file, which you can present to your colleagues or management. Or just get a simpler overview, how things are going on your construction project.

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