Flagging problems in construction before they snowball into major issues can be the difference between finishing on time and saving everyone involved thousands of hours of extra work. Find out when issues arise and deal with those incidents immediately.

Report a problem

Spot issues quickly

When minutes count, it’s incredibly important to find out when something has gone wrong. GenieBelt identifies tasks that have gone over deadline or when an issue has been reported, so you can leap into the action and tend to the issue.

Issue Reporting

Issue reporting saves money

Know right away when a problem arises. Quick communication via Geniebelt’s construction app will give everyone a heads up on what’s happened when time is the most critical.

Assign Task

Automatic and Manual Dependencies

Problems show up in red and everyone affected can see what is happening right away.

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Finding and reporting problems in a fast way - the crucial thing in construction management, which also will save you a lot of time and money. Try that with GenieBelt.

Iphone Problem Reporting
Crisis Communication

Crisis communication

Allow GenieBelt to do construction task dependencies for you and focus and more important things in the project.

Crisis Communication

Communicate on one platform in a crisis

Consider GenieBelt a construction accident reporting app. Everyone will be aware on site when something happens allowing those to act quickly and get things back up and running quickly as well.

Real Time Updates

Get real-time updates and pictures

With our cool communication platform Beats, you will receive instant notifications about any changes, delays, comments on a particular project.

Fix Problem

Allocate resources and fix the problem

Use GenieBelt platform to quickly manage the problem, notify team members and find easiest solution as fast as possible.

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