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Task Management

 Just a task menagement system?

Geniebelt at its core is a task management system. Simple task management used to mean using spreadsheets, today it’s all about turning that to-do list into a living realtime smarter project management system.

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Set up your workers for success

There’s no question as to who is responsible for what task and what needs to be completed anymore when you’re getting constant updates and and you’ve planned your tasks around those that are doing the actual work.

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Get “Instant updates” 

With our smart Beats system all members of your team, both in field and office, will stay in touch. GenieBelt will become your ultimate project tracker!

GenieBelt assign tasks

Assign team members to their own tasks

GenieBelt can function as online task manager in all your construction projects. And will save you from headaches as well!

Task management in construction becomes much faster, transparent and effective with GenieBelt.

Manage construction tasks

Set schedule for construction projects to be completed and see everything in one place. Mix of excel, paper & pen is not the right choice in 2017.

GenieBelt flag tasks

Set timelines and deadline for every task

Prevent delays, see what’s coming, and stay prepared with GenieBelt.

GenieBelt task details

Every task is managed in one place

Forget about mix of paper, excel and email when organizing your tasks in construction. Use GenieBelt as your task tracker instead.

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