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Why Genie Task Sheets?

Set up clear responsibilities in construction projects with Genie Task Sheets. Every contractor or project manager knows the pain of creating task sheets by different combinations of paper, excel and emails. This process just never ends and it’s just not an optimal solution.From every project you can download task sheets either for particular person or after recent update - for everyone. Later will also include unassigned tasks - so you can see, which process is not taken care of.

Task sheets - simple, but crucial part of every successful construction project.

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GenieBelt gantt chart

Assign responsibilities

One of the most difficult tasks in construction management. Easy with GenieBelt - without paper.

GenieBelt assign tasks

Download handy file

Get task spreadsheet in simple file.

GenieBelt timeline

Track tasks

See, who is responsible for what, who is behind schedule and who is ahead.

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