GenieBelt in your construction sector

Bring transparency, accountability and reduced risks to your construction sector.

Public sector – bring transparency to your construction management

  • Share powerful construction insights.
  • Feed your current and latest data from both the field and the office into GenieBelt for sharing with everyone in real time. 
  • Powerful messaging. Put shared communication at the centre of successful construction. 
  • You can mention, request updates, notify and share information and photos with any colleague in your construction team.
  • Create timely reports quickly and easily – daily, weekly, monthly, as you need them.
  • Export reports easily for circulating to others as documents, at any point of your construction management journey.

Residential – speed up your processes

  • Copy existing projects and make your own templates.
  • With GenieBelt it is easy to export your most complex construction projects and re-import them with information for a new company with new tasks – so you don’t need to redo it again and again.
  • Get instant notifications GenieBelt’s communications module is fast and robust and designed for effective collaboration between teams both in office and field.
  • Each contractor and worker can be assigned their tasks up front for the lifetime of the project. Doing this will save you precious time by allowing them to work without needing constant direct management. They can check their daily task lists or the individual and related tasks themselves, in real-time, to save any confusion.

Commercial – increase your margins

  • Reduce your costs by optimizing your construction management processes
  • Get on top of every process in your construction schedule and take control of your contractor’s time-based labour.
  • Work smarter and recognise any upcoming delays much earlier then you can now. 
  • Determine milestones and delivery dates based on actual data.
  • Throw out guess work based on missing or obsolete information. 
  • Make decisions more easily based on patterns that arise from real data over multiple projects.
  • Learn from your mistakes using audit trail documentation.
  • Export daily, weekly and monthly construction reports quickly and easily. 
  • Project managers can spot issues that require deeper analysis or more resources at a glance.

Healthcare – reduce waste

  • Find your most expensive processes and contractors and spot new ones as they happen.
  • Oversee what is delayed and what is ahead and who is responsible.
  • Keep all the reports of every task in one easily accessible place.
  • Easily create daily, weekly or monthly reports for distribution. 
  • Avoid legal headaches with full audit trails of all past processes in your construction portfolio, where you can check responsibilities and roles for every project.

Industrial – reduce your risks

  • Protect your company by collecting the most data, you run the lowest amount of risk of being proven negligent in court.
  • When contractors stray from working by strict regulations, there is a data trail to show you were operating to the letter of the law.
  • Identify issues and solve problems faster. Features like “report a problem” give decision makers the ability to see the full picture and the right information to make split second decisions that save countless amounts of time and money. 
  • GenieBelt’s secure cloud keeps your project data safe.
  • Our platform is always available, wherever you are, which means you have peace of mind knowing you’re able to pull up your projects at anytime and make the changes you need to keep your business productive.

Civil – superior documentation for compliance

  • Make timely daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports. 
  • Interpret shortcomings and make fast schedule changes that are instantly updated for all workers and contractors to see. 
  • Quickly and easily give clients regular updates and insights on their investment without having to trawl through spreadsheets or spend time digging into the details.
  • Provide clients with guest access to get a full overview of their project in real-time for themselves, whenever they want, wherever they are.
  • Transition smoothly to maintenance upon completion. Benefit from detailed documentation during the building process and afterwards during maintenance. 
  • When it comes time to maintain a building it is invaluable to have detailed information about the building process, installs, and materials.

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