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GenieBelt for Large Projects

Break Large projects into bitesize sub-projects, giving simple overview

Why does GenieBelt work so well for large projects?

With our shared, real-time, interactive project Gantt chart, we allow you to split large projects into smaller sub-projects that automatically update the master project.


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Now it is more simple than ever to achieve the clarity required to ensure that your large projects are completed on time, to standards and to the agreed cost.

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Project overview


Big Picture View across a large or complex project

The complexity of modern construction makes it nearly impossible to follow every task inside of one project. 
Clearly see if a project is unravelling and learn from mistakes. 
- Break up projects by sub-project, area, responsible manager, contractor, sub-contractor, or however it makes sense for your business

Simple to use, construction app

Connect the office to the realities of the site

Designed to be simple and intuitive, there's nothing difficult to learn or remember. Our construction app makes it simple to connect the office to site.
- Keep everyone up to date with notifications even on the go
- Report progress and problems quickly and easily

Simple Field Reporting

A full audit trail

Full Documentation: Who did what & when

GenieBelt has a built-in, real-time audit trail. It automatically keeps daily logs and records activity on all task. .
- See the status of a construction project, as it happens
- Be prepared for any legal cases with full documentation 

Track project baseline

Better Control

Create a Baseline of the project and sub-projects, then track all changes.
- Avoid overruns 
- Get more control

project of projects baseline

Why it matters to you?

Splitting up your large project into bitesize sub-projects makes sense. In GenieBelt all of these sub-projects are automatically linked to the master project. This means that progress reports flow automatically upwards giving you clarity at all times.


Improve project profit margin

- For every €1 invested GenieBelt provides €3 back
- Reduced human error


Reduce Frustration

- No more back and forth with contractors and teams 
- Better cross department collaboration


Better Organization

- Clearly see if a project is unravelling
- Consistency of staff & project delivery

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