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We are on a mission

GenieBelt was born out of frustration whilst trying to solve the same problems on construction sites time and time again. After working with a crazy amount of construction companies we're ready to change the dinosaur ways of the industry.

We want to feel proud of the industry we love whilst constantly shaking things up at the same time. We want to bring modern technologies to construction in a no-nonsense, affordable, simple and easy-to-use way.

We want to build the future of construction.

How GenieBelt can help your project

Mobile task overview

Keep track on all the tasks that require attention

Document revision tracking

Keep your documents handy with the latest revisions

Gantt chart and advanced dependencies

Keep track of your tasks with a very intuitive Gantt chart 

Realtime activity feed

See what is happening on the construction project quickly

Mobile task editing

Submit task updates from your iOS or Android device 

Desktop task update

Submit or edit task updates from your office computer,

or laptop right in the browser

Audit trail

Identify early the root cause of problems and track them 

Pricing information

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One project, free forever


£35/$249/DKK425 per project per month


from £100/$449/DKK950 per project per month


for multiple projects - individual agreement



Company structure

Executive team


Ulrik Branner


Ulrik is our Chief Genie. With a long commercial background and experience with various startups, he's bringing GenieBelt to a construction site near you.

Gari Nickson

CMO, Co-Founder

Gari is a chartered surveyor and has been working in the construction industry for years, but usefully, he's also a tech geek at heart & loves to sell.


Bob Leung


Bob's an architect, but as well as buildings he's passionate about designing software that construction people will actually use. He will deliver you the best products and user experience.

Nikolaj Berntsen

CTO, Co-Founder

Nikolaj's developed, built, deployed and maintained in diverse areas within IT. He's managed server architectures, projects and teams. He's our technical authority with a PhD in physics.


Dominic Rebello


Dominic has an impressive background managing a portfolio of 600 properties, as well as designing and launching million pound residential apartments. Now building award winning sales-teams keeps him busy.

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The Board

Klaus Nyengaard

Klaus Nyengaard

Chairman, Co-founder

Klaus has a proven record of scaling companies. Having driven JustEat from 40 employees to close to a 1000, he is now up for the challenge at GenieBelt.

Hugo Dorph

Hugo Dorph

Board member

Hugo Dorph is the Group Commercial Director at Solar. Hugo joined the board after Solar invested in GenieBelt. Solar have 3500 people servicing the Construction industry with products for over 100 years.

Gari Nickson

Board member, CMO, Co-founder

Gari is a chartered surveyor and has been working in the construction industry for years, but usefully, he's also a tech geek at heart & loves to sell.

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Here you can find more information about funding, investments, and company data:


GenieBelt Office

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GenieBelt office
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Press kit

Press inquiry

For press inquiries please contact Taylor Ryan.

Email adrees: taylor(at)


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Press images


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We have a blog where we publish regularly articles with a variety of topics from the construction industry. 

We are open towards blogger exchange and any type of coverage.

We are featured in

"GenieBelt, a European project management platform for the construction industry, raises €2M."

Link to article.

"GenieBelt helps construction workers manage projects using a web based platform or mobile app that gives them access to all of the programmes, tasks and drawings they need at the touch of a button."

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"GenieBelt is based on the idea of a shared, real-time, interactive project Gantt chart (schedule) accessed from a desktop or mobile phone to get construction projects completed faster and make collaboration easier."

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"GenieBelt provides real-time access to project overviews and updates, which can be filled form the job site using a mobile device."

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"In Just in a few clicks they have updated the whole team. Geniebelt has helped office and onsite staff work closer without the needs of sms, emails or a hundred phone calls or daily meetings."

- Timothy Cocaro - Director, Rescon Builders, Australia

"In my 27 years of experience in Construction I have never come across anything as good as GenieBelt. I expect company wide saving of 2%-4% based on using GenieBelt."

- Tommy Nielsen - CEO Juul & Nielsen General Contractors, Denmark

Juul & Nielsen
Juul & Nielsen

“Geniebelt has been a revelation. It's user-friendly, accessible, allows us to relay technical information from site to office and collaborate efficiently, which saves us time."

- Conor Mclaughlin, Construction Project Manager & Senior Project Planner, Downing Construction

"I used GenieBelt, now I only use GenieBelt! Asta, 4Projects, Conject and Newforma are all great system in their own right as they aid the project delivery. The difference with GenieBelt is that it controls the delivery and to me, it really is light years ahead."

- Sean Sugrue, Operations Manager, Careys Plc

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