Portfolio Overview

All your projects connected

What is Portfolio Overview?

View all your projects in one place. GenieBelt offers you the possibility to see
“The Big Picture” of all your projects and tasks in your portfolio.


Project overview


Big Picture View across multiple projects

The complexity of modern construction makes it nearly impossible to follow every task inside of one project.
– Break up projects by worker, contractor, task type, or however it makes sense for your business
– Link tasks between projects

Consistency/template creation

Save time and avoid starting from scratch

Create your own template library and avoid starting from scratch on each project.
– Choose from the template library every time you start a new project
– Archiving
Portfolio Overview template


Cloud-based Shareability

Excel isn’t shareable, Geniebelt streamlines the communication with the team members / decision makers from across continents on multiple projects at once.
– Everything is updated automatically up the chain, making reporting simple and fast

Track portfolio baseline

Better Control

Create a Baseline of the Portfolio Overview, then track changes in all projects in your portfolio.
– Avoid overruns
– Get more control

For example: if you are running 50 projects in GenieBelt and you create a master project, it will list the 50 projects in one master project. You would then have 50 tasks each representing each project and each being automatically updated if a change is made. Once you create the projects, you could create a baseline and then use the baseline feature in GenieBelt to track any changes or overruns.

project of projects baseline
artificial intelligence

Learn from mistakes

Let us crunch the data and suggest future improvements

GenieBelt has developed AI (artificial intelligence) tools that can crunch the data on all your projects and create a report of where improvements can be made.
– Get better over time
– Gain a competitive edge
– Don’t repeat past mistakes

Why it matters to you?

GenieBelt is based on an innovative, yet simple idea – a shared, real-time, interactive project Gantt chart, accessed from your desktop or mobile phone. By sharing live project information, your teams have what they need to get things done faster at building site or at the office. All of this is achieved while full overview of the portfolio is retained.

No More Time Wasted

– Templates reduce repetition
– Less calls and emails due to better updates


Reduce Frustration

– No more back and forth with contractors and crews
– Reduced human error


Better Organization

– Find specific tasks across projects via filtering
– Easily locate critical issues and share with decision makers