GenieBelt is a construction-specific cloud-based platform that provides real-time project management. It’s based on an innovative, yet simple idea – a shared, real-time, interactive project schedule, accessed from your desktop or mobile phone.

Integration summary

GenieBelt integration brings much needed missing real-time functionality to Procore. Currently you can import a construction schedule from MS Project or Primavera into Procore, providing you with a list of your scheduled tasks. But there is no way to get real-time updates on these tasks, which means you are always working with old data.

GenieBelt + Procore in a nutshell

  • gain overview and insights across all projects in real-time
  • display real-time progress on Procore tasks automatically
  • create all new tasks in Procore automatically
  • take away the need to import and re-import your schedule

GenieBelt – Real-time project management that works!

GenieBelt provides real-time project management, insight and overview for construction. Its mission is to deliver instant communication from field to office and improved data-driven decision-making processes. GenieBelt has more than 20,000 projects in over 100 countries.

Features tried and tested on construction projects of all sizes, worldwide

  • always have an up-to-date, live construction schedule
  • track everything from change orders to material delivery
  • ensure that any changes made in the field are shown immediately in the schedule
  • get real-time notifications sent to affected parties
  • make sure there is no more resource misallocation
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