BIM software

Connect stakeholders and data with BIM objects in real time

LetsBuild BIM (coming soon)

GenieBelt and APROPLAN recently joined forces to create an end-to-end platform for the construction phase. With that in mind, we want to connect stakeholders and data with BIM objects in real-time so LetsBuild is developing a BIM-integrated construction platform.

BIM possibilities

Because BIM provides opportunity to build, plan, and design using the full potential of construction data, a BIM software offers more benefits than computer-aided design (CAD). Here are just some advantages from using a BIM platform:

  • Faster project delivery
  • Higher building quality
  • Fewer jobsite accidents
  • Early conflict and error detection
  • Lifecycle building management
Android and iOS devices

Data centralization

Our aim is to centralize all construction data in one place and facilitate easy access to BIM for your teams while on site. LetsBuild intends to make life easy for the working men by giving them trouble-free access to BIM data.

  • BIM models are used on-site for daily work
  • Construction workers have access to data anytime
  • BIM as part of the entire construction process

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