Daily reports in construction

With GenieBelt you can easily create daily, weekly and monthly reports that will keep your construction processes more organised.

Create a daily report

A construction daily report is one of the most important documents on any construction site. It provides important information about construction tasks, which is really important for contractors and stakeholders.

Daily reporting with ease

Previously daily reporting was quite a tedious task, with superintendents using notepads and pens, walking around the construction site and documenting every detail.

construction reports

GenieBelt’s daily reporting

In order to create your daily report with GenieBelt, you just need to open your project and click on the Overview tab. You will immediately see a report generated for your project with information such as: how many days remaining, overall percentage completed, percentage of expected progress. Also, in an easy diagram you will see your tasks divided into 3 groups: in progress, delayed, problem. On the right hand side, you can see all tasks divided into 2 groups: ongoing and completed. You can see an assignee for each task and its status (e.g. due in 25 days or overdue by 105 days).

Weather data

In the report is also included weather data from the exact location in the given period. This way you will be able to analyse your data better and see the impact of weather conditions on the construction process.

Get your report

Once your report is ready, you can download it as a handy pdf file with more detailed information, for instance audit trail attached to tasks (pictures, conversations about an exact problem).

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I save time - simple as that. GenieBelt is a good example on how technology can improve efficiency in an industry that has not embraced much technology.
Kenn Møldrup SterndorffConstruction Manager, IDEALHUSE, Denmark
The simplicity and ease of use of the system means we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done.
James AldersonDirector, Mulbury, United Kingdom

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