#1 Real-time construction management software

GenieBelt’s construction manager software will help you to connect field and office.

Construction project management software in real-time

With GenieBelt’s construction management system you can easily manage your construction projects and connect construction site and office. Our tool provides real-time Gantt chart, communications and advanced reporting.

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Mobile construction management

  • Mobile construction management software for the field. With GenieBelt, your site and office teams stay in touch
  • Communicate instantly – receive real-time beats to stay informed about latest issues or updates from your construction site
  • Get construction insights with a top-down overview of all your projects in one place
Android and iOS devices

Stay mobile in the field

Our mobile construction app makes it easier than ever to stay connected in the field, because you can manage your tasks on a mobile.

No more endless calls. Instead, everyone can log into the convenient app and with a few keystrokes have all their information ready to share with the rest of the workforce.

Create reports seamlessly

Our construction management platform allows anyone to create reports with the information that is on hand, and there are no major complicated steps during the process.

These reports can be used by anyone to improve future projects, as well as get current projects back on track.

Loved by teams of all sizes, from all over the globe

I save time - simple as that. GenieBelt is a good example on how technology can improve efficiency in an industry that has not embraced much technology.
Kenn Møldrup SterndorffConstruction Manager, IDEALHUSE, Denmark
The simplicity and ease of use of the system. It means we can get on with our work, without having to use too much thinking time when wanting to get simple tasks done.
James AldersonDirector, Mulbury, United Kingdom
The staff at Geniebelt has worked closely with our team to ensure we are well trained and we get the most out of the application. The product itself is the first of its kind that lets our ground teams work closely with the office, updating status, planning and issues.
Timothy CCEO, Rescon Builders, Australia
I have been using GenieBelt for two years now. Getting up-to-date and accurate progress reports is key for us to save time on our projects by being proactive. I knew GenieBelt was a real game changer for us as soon as I started. I am really impressed with GenieBelt and would be surprised if it does not reduce expenses. The platform is about being flexible to change, share information, and adjust your plans according to the other stakeholders.
Martin HickeyProject Manager, Jerram Falkus, United Kingdom
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Tracking work time and costs

Our construction management software can assist with keeping projects on time and on budget, as it is easy to see where spending is becoming too high and where schedules are not working.

Everyone can utilize this section of the software at any time, and it is much easier to send out changes via the app than it is to make phone calls or send multiple emails.

Integrate with many systems

With GenieBelt you get access to powerful integrations, which make our construction management software even more powerful.

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Import construction plans

With GenieBelt you can easily import construction plans from Primavera, MS Powerproject, Asta Powerproject, Excel or CSV file.

Once your projects and tasks were imported to GenieBelt, our construction management software makes it easy to organize, prioritize and assign tasks between members of your team. You can easily monitor every task and project in our Overview tab – see tasks divided by ongoing, delayed and with a problem, progress percentage of each task, it’s state and assignee.

  • Connect all people, projects and departments
  • Import tasks from other tools, such Asta Powerproject, Primavera, Excel and others
  • Utilise our construction management marketplace
GenieBelt home building software

Real-time construction for managers

Streamline your construction processes with our cloud-based construction software. Both on Web and mobile you can see all your projects in real-time.

GenieBelt features advanced Gantt chart, which makes it easy for clients and owners, contractors, sub-contractors, volume home builders to stay on top of their construction plans.

Construction management software – for small business or enterprise – GenieBelt works well with both.

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