Real-time project management

Instant communication

Collaborate in real time with GenieBelt and see how instant communications enable you to work faster and more effectively.

Fast collaboration
house building pains

Fast, effective collaboration

Focus on what is important

Spend less time on paperwork and daily reporting and more time on getting your daily construction tasks done.

Redefined collaboration

Communicate quickly and easily with managers, contractors, subcontractors and on-site workers on the details and progress of their allocated tasks.

Don’t waste time and money

Stop waiting to find out about task progress and problems; these are reported live, in real time, and ready for you to react to, and deal with instantly if necessary.

Get all the latest information and task updates from your construction project in real time

Whether you are in the office on your computer, or on-site with your smartphone you are always up-to-date.

Fewer emails
construction schedule software

Fewer emails and calls

Focus on the right project priorities 

Stop the constant battle to stay on top of your inbox and voicemail.

Receive updates, progress reports, photos and messages

Updates happen automatically across all your work, organised into projects and tasks.

One platform to store your data

Easily manage and view all your current construction project communication, information and changes in our building software.

Keep everyone else up-to-date with the information they need

Workers complete their tasks without you having to constantly message and call them.

Less admin
Gantt Chart Dependencies

Less admin

Advanced dependencies

Make complicated changes to tasks with dependencies quickly and easily.

Automate manual processes

Dependent tasks adjust automatically and notifications are sent to everyone who needs to know.

Don’t wait for update reports to be written

Monitor the current status, changes and progress for your construction projects as they happen, whenever you want.

Keep everything at hand, and organised

Track the latest RFI’s (request for information), AI’s (architect instructions), variation and change orders within the tasks in your project schedule.

Add tasks for material ordering, delivery or snagging 

Both the office and site teams are fully aware of status by using one system to manage all processes.

Construction management
GenieBelt home building software

Live, real-time construction management


Have access to all tasks at all times across all projects.

Interactive Gantt Chart

Use the Gantt chart to track timing and delays on your construction site.

Assign tasks

Allocate people to builder tasks, then manage contractors and monitor their progress.

Programme importing

Import any programme from Microsoft Project, Asta or Primavera and run it live, in real-time, in GenieBelt.

Audit trail
Audit trail mentions

Accountability, transparency and a full audit trail

Built-in, real-time audit trail

Keep daily logs and real-time records of activity on all tasks, automatically, for the lifetime of your projects.

Always be prepared for any legal cases

Know you have full documentation of your project audit trail whenever you need know who did what and when.


Easily track changes in your project by comparing revisions with baselines.

Identify and solve any issues

Secure an audit trail of all projects by having everyone on the same system.

How instant communication helped Juul & Nielsen

The central control provided by GenieBelt enables Juul & Nielsen to cut down on meetings and spend less time on administrative tasks.

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Overview and reports

  • Insights across projects
  • Insight across your existing digital tools
  • Progress, audit trail, site diary and weather reports ready for sharing
  • Custom dashboards


  • Connect to existing systems
  • Work across factors such as time, cost, quality, H&S
  • Connect back office ERP/CRM
  • Provides the digital backbone for your construction business

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