Integrate GenieBelt with your systems and processes.

Working with a range of software tools for different disciplines and functions is a given on most construction projects. Integrating these tools and processes on one platform ensures optimal and efficient use of data.

Bind your existing systems into a single platform

Through software integrations you can bring the data from your existing systems into GenieBelt and work with a live plan.

Connect and extend

  • Enhance the utilisation of your existing systems
  • Combine factors such as time, cost, quality, safety and resources
  • Use GenieBelt as your digital backbone to manage your projects across all tools

Integrate to existing processes and software

  • Connect processes such as snagging, document management and checklists 
  • Plug & Play new features from marketplace
  • All on one platform
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Multiple sources combined in one place

  • Gather all data in one place
  • Multiple sources into one place
  • Add connections across systems

Connect all people, projects, departments and processes

  • Connect back office ERP / CRM
  • Custom integrations for your business
  • Gather structured data which can be acted upon

Explore the other GenieBelt pillars

Real-time project management

  • Instant communication from site to office
  • Fast, effective collaboration
  • Simple to use field reporting app
  • Site manager, superintendent, supervisor and construction worker friendly
  • Up to 7% project savings

Overview & reports

  • Insights across projects
  • Insight across your existing digital tools
  • Progress, audit trail, site diary and weather reports ready for sharing
  • Custom dashboards

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