Real-time project management

Mobile field reporting

With GenieBelt’s mobile field reporting app, updating progress has never been easier. It’s time to end pointless phone calls and countless meetings.

Team friendly
Decices update

Site manager, superintendent, supervisor and construction worker friendly

Report progress, changes and problems from your own smartphone

Our mobile apps are loved by construction teams because they are so simple to use.

Get instant information from everyone in the field

Site managers and supervisors have been key to our success by getting on-site teams reporting using the apps.

Take photos of issues and progress

A picture speaks a thousand words; instantly understand problems and make the right decisions.

Easily used by anyone

Our house building apps are “fat finger proof” and loved by construction site workers because they are designed specifically for them.

Fewer meetings

Save time with fewer meetings 

Save your breath  

Spend less time talking about where things are and what needs to be done and spend more time on high priority tasks.

Don’t waste time meeting to pass on outdated information

Everyone can be up-to-date and see changes in real time.

No need to meet to work out who needs to know what

Real-time notifications are sent to affected parties and companies as changes occur.

Save time trying to meet to find out what is happening overall

Changes made on-site are shown immediately in the schedule for everyone who needs to know.

Report progress

Progress reporting done right

  • Create daily progress reports in seconds and easily send these on to all relevant parties and contractors.
  • Drive building projects to completion with powerful, yet easy to use, reporting tools.
  • See immediately where workflows are ahead or behind.
  • Get the right information to the right people, fast.
Easy to use
iOS Gantt Chart

The simplest to use construction app

There’s nothing difficult to learn or remember 

Our construction apps are designed to be simple and intuitive.

Connect the office to the realities of the field 

Our apps make it quick and easy to collaborate between the office and the team on-site.

Report progress and problems fast

Keep everyone up-to-date with notifications and the latest information, wherever they are.

Use our apps while on the go

They’re quick enough for construction workers and detailed enough for project managers.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere, in the field or office

Use our construction software in the field on your smartphone, or at your desk on your computer

It’s designed to be easy to use on web browsers, iOS and Android. 

Updates and progress reports have never been easier

Give progress updates and upload task photos directly using our app on your smartphone in the field.

Don’t miss anything 

All task notifications and construction project updates reach you immediately on your mobile device.

Get on top of your projects and tasks

Everyone is in the know across all projects in real-time.

How mobile field reporting helped Rescon builders

Rescon Builders is an Australian company specialised in building granny flats as well as new homes, extensions, and renovations.

Explore the other GenieBelt pillars

Overview and reports

  • Insights across projects
  • Insight across your existing digital tools
  • Progress, audit trail, site diary and weather reports ready for sharing
  • Custom dashboards


  • Connect to existing systems
  • Work across factors such as time, cost, quality, H&S
  • Connect back office ERP/CRM
  • Provides the digital backbone for your construction business

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